Monday, March 5, 2012

A Load Of Rubbish


It's been a while since I linked up over at Stasha's but I liked the was too easy to pass by.

10 things I'm rubbish at.  

1.  Sports.  Of any kind.  I could probably out bench you (I'm a strong Mutha) but give me a basketball, volleyball or soccer ball and you'll find me flailing.  Or tripping.  Most likely both.

2.  Wrapping Cheese.  My husband is always on my case about not wrapping the cheese properly when I'm done with it.  I say there are worse things I could not be doing.

3.  Opening those toys that are encased with that hard plastic that basically threatens to cut a man for no reason.

4.  Hiding my moods.  I'm really bad at being phony.

5.  Sewing. Fast stabby needles are not my thing.

6.  Gardening.  I have a black thumb.

7. Following a recipe.  I just can't do it.  I try but I always have to get a little crazy and throw cinnamon in there or something.

8.  Play race car video games.  Why are these games so hard for me?  In real life I'd like to think I'm a most excellent driver (though I'm sure my husband would beg to differ) but it sure doesn't translate well to video games.

9.  Take really good photos.  I always forget to bring my camera with me but I always have my phone so I end up taking hundreds of really bad quality phone pictures.

10.  Dealing with vomit...more specifically my children's or my dog's.  I can't even go there.  Just the thought makes me vomitous.


Cookie’s Mom said...

Had to laugh at your "fast shabby needles" comment. I am very much intimidated by sewing machines. Maybe that's why!

Andrew said...

"Hiding my moods." LOL. My wife says I might as well have a neon sign on my forehead. :o)

Stasha said...

There is no future for you as a fake flight attendant or seamstress but you sure made me laugh. Cheese wrapping or putting the juice back imediately after use are not my strong suit .

Robbie K said...

I use to be a sympathy puker...I would vomit for solidarity. If I heard someone puking I would puke. Since having kids I can handle the puke. I've even caught it in my hand at the doctor's office.

Ado said...

I'm laughing!
Because *all these years* I've sucked at wrapping cheese properly, too...only I didn't realize this could be added to my list of flaws until now! I'm just the same! Now I will probably think of you every time I put the cheese back!

my3littlebirds said...

Why didn't I think of #3 when I was writing my list?? I'm terrible at opening those too.

Stacey said...

Oh, me too at gardening!! I don't even try anymore!

Anna @mommy_padawan said...

You know, I like video games but the driving ones are the ones I am terrible at as well. Wrapping up the cheese made me laugh! There are definitely worse things :)

Kathy Kramer said...

I still can't deal with vomit. When my son was little, I could deal with the poop better than the puke.

Kerstin @ AUER LIFE said...

I feel a lot of those items on your list!
Especially hiding my moods, that's actually on my list as well - I just can't fake it... especially if it's anything related to my mother-in-law.
And the vomit.... unfortunately I am team vomit in the family, I always have to clean it up... but I don't fake how I feel about it :)

Paul Craig said...

Cheese wrapping fail, that's a new one. I had no idea I missed one for my list. I can't grow things indoors. If I can put it outside, I'm away, inside..... a brown thumb?ion llark Wait that just sounds bad.

AudreyN said...

Ha ha ha wrapping cheese! I had no idea there was a right or wrong way!