Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Mother's Day Wish(es)

My wishes for Mother's Day....

I don't ask for much but on the one day that it's about celebrating me, as a Mother, and everything I do for my family I would like to be given just a few wishes that will come true.  I could rub my coffee pot and hope that a genie pops out to grant me them but the chances of that happening, clearly, are nil.

So, I'm just gonna put it out there people.

Oh and instead of the chintzy 3 wishes that that cheap genie gives, on Mother's Day I will get 10.

That's right.  Because I DESERVE that many!

Wish 1:  For a morning that allows me to sleep in until whatever time I want.  And not to feel guilty about it.

Wish 2:  To have breakfast in bed that consists of my husband's waffles with fresh fruit, lots of whipped cream and syrup.  And a very, very large cup of my favourite Costa Rican coffee.  This may or may not be accompanied by a nicely wrapped gift.

Wish 3:  Once I tear my lazy body out of bed I wish to come downstairs to a spotless house....sparkling floors and dishes put away.

Wish 4:  Upon slagging my body sluggishly down the stairs I wish to be greeted by my sons with strangling hugs and sloppy kisses.  Let me not forget about hugs and smooches from my husband too...just don't strangle me.  Please. (however tempted you may be after reading this)

Wish 5:  That my children are on their utmost best behaviour ALL DAY.  No whining, no crying, no tantrumming.

Wish 6:  Beautiful weather.  I'm requesting, Mother Nature, make it 20 degrees with lots of sun and little wind so that my kids can run off their endless energy and I can soak up some Vitamin D while my husband gets to chase them around.

Wish 7:  For dinner to be cooked for me ... and if that's not an option than a simple platter of sushi from my favourite Japanese restaurant will do... and don't forget the seaweed salad (trust me - sounds absurd - very delicious)

Wish 8:  Alongside my home cooked or sushi meal to indulge in a glass or 3 of my favourite chilled white wine.

Wish 9:  For my children to eat all of their dinner.  No freaking out, no crying, no running away from the table.  A nice civilized that too much to ask?

Wish 10:  For my boys to go to bed (early) without any dramatics so that I can spend some quality time with my husband, sipping on some wine together, maybe play some Boggle (he hates playing that game with me...because I RULE) and so that I can tell my genie of a husband how amazing he is for making all my wishes come true.


Lisa said...

I like it. I hope you get one of them. :) I would like most of them too but it's doubtful. :)

parenting ad absurdum said...

Great list - re: #1 - isn't that always the catch - even when we get an opportunity to sleep in, that stupid mom instinct makes us feel we should get up and "accomplish stuff"!

Tanya said...

I think #10 should be SEX!! HAHAHA Just sayin'..of course with the kids in bed early and 3 glasses of wine...then sex! Expect nothing less of me! Just 'cause your a mom you still like to "git it on", right?!? Oh, please say right... :P

January Dawn said...

Ahhh Tanya! Leave it to you! I like to keep my blog rated G as my kids could possibly read this in the near future. But I appreciate your input... because you always make me laugh. :D

@ Peryl...I am going to adamantly say screw all accomplishments on Mother's Day!!!

@Lisa - I'm aiming for half! ;) We all deserve it!

WhisperingWriter said...

I LOVE this list.

I'm actually doing a similiar one for my post tomorrow :) It has a lot of the same things on it, especially the sleeping in bit and the eating nicely one...

January Dawn said...
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paradigmjohn said...

...Ah Babe? only half? You should know me better than that. You're not even out of bed yet and I already have five of your wishes underway... Looking to bat 1000 today (that's baseball talk for perfect) my sweets. You deserve it!

Happy Mothers day to you and ALL those Mom's out there. In my opinion, one day is not enough to show appreciation. Mothers should be reminded daily of their importance in their lives and I for one will try to make that number 11 on your wish list.

Love hubs.

Ado said...

I second wish #1 and as evidence of this am writing this from my big old bed that I am still lounging in, territorializing it, summoning up the energy to shout down for another cup of coffee. (-: Happy Mother's Day January!