25 Weird and Random Facts about Me

I wrote this list a couple of years ago and just found it again.  I've modified it a little bit (see asterisks) as some things have changed since.

It might give you a little insight as to who you're reading about.....

1) Baby corn freaks me out - I honestly don't know how people can eat those things...it disturbs me on so many levels

2) I wish I could stop biting my nails - it's disgusting

3) I care way too much about what people think of me *(I'm getting better at this....it's a work in progress)*

4) I am an extroverted introvert.  It takes A LOT out of me to be "outgoing" although one would probably never guess upon meeting me for the first time.

5) I love having curly hair and HATE it when hairdressers straighten it *(this has changed since after my second son was born my curls are no longer as luscious as they used to be)*

6) I love my name after many years of despising it - or rather despising the teasing that came with it

7) I love my family sooooo much - they are my whole world

8) My girlfriends mean everything to me - without girlfriends who could we bitch about everything under the sun to? It's fun and liberating!

9) I desperately wish my friends and family lived in the same city as me!

10) I wish I could make friends easier

11) I feel extremely lucky to have THE best husband a woman could ever dream of - except I wished he travelled (for work) a little less.

12) I love getting my back scratched

13) The smell of campfire reminds me of my childhood - my favourite smell in the whole world

14) My biggest fear is people thinking I'm not smart

15) I've skydived from 8500 feet in the air.  Scariest thing I've ever done...and I would do it again in a heartbeat (if it didn't cost so damn much!)

16) I was never a Brownie or a Girl Scout - that makes me sad

17) I wish I was athletic!

18) I worry too much.....waaaay too much....about just about EVERYTHING

19) I loved playing with snakes and lizards and frogs as a child and I still have a thing for reptiles

20) I never owned a Barbie

21) I secretly hope my children are more artistic than athletic but will always support them in WHATEVER they choose to do

22) I hope to GOD I don't screw up this Motherhood thing

23) My dream destination is Italy ever since I saw the movie Stealing Beauty with Liv Tyler and if my husband goes there of all places without me....hmmmm...well he may not want to return *(he has since gone to Italy (for work of-course) and was forgiven...though quite begrudgingly so)*

24) I would love to write a book someday....about what - not sure! *(this is really cool for me to read as I hadn't written anything in a very, very long time and now....I'm a blogger!...who knew!?)*

25) My favourite song in the whole world is Betty Davis Eyes and every time I hear it, it always reminds me of my incredible best friend Erin.