Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Secret Language amongst Brothers

They were playing costumes.  Adrian donned his Captain America costume with aplomb.

He stood in front of the full length closet mirrors switching up his superhero stances.

Shield in front.

Shield by side.  Serious face.

Shield above head.

Shield back down in front.  Fierce. Brave.

Finley was running around in his diaper and pajama shirt as I washed up some dishes and put them away.

And then I walked over to the couch and sat down beside the costume bin as my son's conversed.

"Finley, you wanna be Iron Man?" Adrian asked, holding up his brother's Iron Man costume.


"You don't wanna play costumes Finley?"


"Don't you wanna dress up as Iron Man?"


"Mackabah?  We don't have Mackabah costumes Finley."

Me, "What is a 'Mackabah?'"

Finley, "Mackabah."

Adrian, "No Finley.  We don't have sausage costumes."

Me, "Oh?  A Mackabah means sausage?"

Adrian, "Yes.  It does."

Me, "Fin, does Mackabah mean sausage?"

Fin, "Yeah."

It appears my son's have a secret language now.

This should make my life all the more interesting.


Ado said...

I love this. As usual.

Ado said...

I love this. As usual.

Ado said...

Oops that makes 3 oopsies. (-: I was spacing out on the word captchas...got carried away...