Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mr. Manners

We were all sitting and eating as a family.  At the dinner table.  Civilly.  I made my Naan Bread Pizza's.

Ahhh.  The sound of simply eating at the table.  Quiet.  No fussing, no whinging, no running away from the table.  Who knew the sound of chewing food would be music to my ears?

It. was. so. perfect.

And then Adrian sneezed.

Lucky for me I was sitting right beside him and.  Well.  It was gross.

And all over my arm.  

So much for civility.

"Bud you have to cover your mouth when you sneeze."  I admonish, grabbing a paper towel and wiping remnants of...the grossness from my forearm.  

John adds, "Yes, Aidy, it's bad manners not to cover your mouth when you sneeze."  Some parents are sticklers for certain things.  Ours is manners.  

Adrian promptly responds eagerly, "Just like when you barf you should barf in a bucket.  Or in the toilet."

Okay so talking about throwing up at the dinner table isn't exactly the most appropriate topic of conversation.  Nor good manners either.

Nevertheless John and I looked at each other.  Amused.  How could we not be?

And how else could I respond but with, "Yes, buddy.  You have the right idea."



Amber_D said...

Barf and snot. Sounds like a typical dinner around my way.

Glad I'm not the only one with less than savory dinner discussions.

Oh, parenthood.

Lisa said...

Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Boys. :)

Alex | Perfecting Dad said...

Hey commenting works again! Your child is so smart to know that they should barf in a bucket. My children know too, until it's time to barf, then they somehow feel they are too tired to get to the toilet and it's barf in the bed.

Tanya said...

That made me laugh out loud!