Thursday, July 21, 2011

FOOD FRIDAY - Eazy Peazy Pizza "That's Amore!"

The other night was so terribly sweltering I had absolutely no energy to even think about what in the whole hot stinkin' wide world to cook.

I rummaged through my fridge enjoying the cool, cool air then moved to the freezer and just stood there.


Yes, I have central air but the humidity seemed to be permeating through brick.

I pulled out some naan bread and moved to the fridge to have a look see for what I had in mind.

All was there.

And so I did (rather my husband did - the bbq part) our first bbq pizzas.

It's easy, everyone has pizza ingredients and naan bread makes a nice light crust.

If your kids are old enough they can have some input and they always love being your little sous chef.  (although having my boys assist me in any kind of kitchen experience tends to give me heart palpitations)

The best part about using naan bread as the base is that you can make several different kinds of pizzas.

Don't be afraid to experiment.  I had NO pizza sauce or enough tomatoes and onions to make any sauce but I happened to have left over Campbell's Gardennay Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup (delicious and healthy soups - a must have in my house) and tomato paste.  I mixed them together and voila!  Perfect consistency....and it tasted fantastic.

My pizza was not as pretty as this but probably just as tasty!

Here's what I made:

BBQ Naan Pizza #1

My innovative tomato sauce as seen above
Marble cheese
Chopped yellow peppers
Fresh Tomatoes
Chopped Sundried Tomatoes
Chopped Ham

BBQ Naan Pizza #2

My Tomato sauce
Marble cheese
Chopped yellow peppers
Chopped roasted red peppers (the jarred kind)
Kalamata Olives

BBQ Naan Pizza #3

Basil Pesto (jarred)
Goat Cheese
Chopped roasted red peppers
Chopped sundried tomatoes
Kalamata Olives

Heat up the barbie to about 350 F and place the pizzas directly on the grill on indirect heat for approximately 25 minutes or until crispy.


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Ellen said...

If I cooked I would definitely try these ;)