Monday, August 15, 2011

10 Things I Miss The Most


I'm linking up over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles.  Oh, how I love a good list.


I miss SO much.  So many people.  So many spontaneous things that I could do BK. (before kids).

These are in random order.  'Cause that's how my mind works these days.  Randomly.  And how terrible would I be if I missed a dinosaur t-shirt more than my Mum, my best friend and my deceased Grandmother?

1.  I miss my favourite comfy pants that I left on a hook behind a hotel bathroom door and the super cool yellow dinosaur t-shirt that I bought at Value Village many, many years ago. I'm pretty sure it was also hanging there with my favourite pants.  My sons would've loved that t-shirt.

2.  I miss my BFF.  I miss having breakfast with her at Archie's hungover on a Sunday.  I miss our SATC marathons in the middle of summer.  I miss our talks.  About life.  Clothes.  Men.  We still have them but they're not the same over the phone and, more importantly, without sharing cheese and wine.

3.  I miss my Mum.  All the time.  Everyday.  She's an awesome woman, that Mumma of mine. (she's alive and well thank God - she just lives in another city)

4.  I miss my Grandma Belle.  What a lady.  It's been 16 years since she's passed and I still think about her every single day.  She was warm, hilarious, honest, smart.  I miss the back scratches that she gave and would put me sleep with and how she used to braid my hair and use twist ties to keep the braid in place because she couldn't find an elastic.  I miss her teasing me about boys.  I miss hearing the stories about her childhood and the early days with my Poppy.  I could go on and on.  Oh how I miss that wonderful woman.

5.  I miss my cat Ziggy.  We'll never know why or how he died....he was only 3 years old but that cat was the sweetest animal that ever was.  And I am not a cat person.

6.   I miss our old apartment in Wortley Village.  It was small but it holds such huge memories.  John and I got engaged there.  Sitting across from each other eating a gourmet meal at our cheap, crappy green legged coffee table, he asked me to be his wife.  I'm so happy I said yes.  Like there was any doubt.

7.   I miss all of my friends.  But I also love the fact that when we get together it's like we're right back to where we were.  You know you have great friends when.

8.   I miss the days BK when my husband and I would hang out in our apartment on Wortley, drink wine and decide on a whim that we wanted to go out for a late dinner.  I miss dressing up, putting make up on and having John tell me how beautiful I look.

9.  I miss the feeling of my babies movement in my belly.  It still blows my mind that I got to experience the miracle of pregnancy not once but twice.

10.  I miss the quality of 80's tv shows from when I was a kid.  Shows like, The Wonder Years, Punky Brewster, Growing Pains, Charles in Charge, Doogie Howser, Webster, The Cosby Show, My Two Dad's, Family Ties.

Today's Reality TV shows just don't hold a candle to the acting skills of Scott Baio and Kirk Cameron.  However disturbingly addicting they can be.


Kim said...

Wortley??? You must be my neighbour. I love this list. And the babies moving inside - good one.

Stasha said...

I love how honest your list is. Yur writing is lovely January, very engaging.
I too miss the spountanity we could afford before children. And when you read other list you will see we are not alone. It is on most!
And flats are great. Less cleaning, and no stairs. Magical if you get proposed to too! So did I ;)

Fabulosokids Bruce said...

Gosh, I never even thought about the stuff I have left in hotel rooms! That's a whole list in itself! At the top of it, my high-school yearbook left behind in the hotel at our 10 year reunion :(

Saretta said...

All things truly worthy of being missed! I can especially relate to the baby in the incredible. We are lucky to have been able to feel that feeling!

Ado said...

Your assignment of the day, should you choose to accept it January, is: go call your BFF up and tell her you'll meet her at Archie's on Sunday, but only if she is hungover and comes prepared to spend the entire afternoon eating cheese and wine and talking about everything. (-:

Oh how I love lists too. (-:

Shell said...

Oh, I loved all those old shows!

January Dawn said...

Thanks for popping in friends. This list was fun yet nostalgic for me.

@Kim - we may have been neighbours at one point...what a small world!

@Stasha - love your listicles - can't wait to participate again soon. Thank you for your very, very kind words about my simple writing.

@Bruce - you're right! I should've done that kind of list. Ah well. Next time.

@Saretta - yes, babies moving in your belly =pretty freakin' AWESOME.

@ ADO - if only life were that easy I would. :( She lives on the other side of the country from me. And I know how you love lists because I love reading yours!

Lisa said...

What a great list. I can relate and miss every single one of them in my own life.

Tanya said...

I must be really emotional today, this post brought *big* tears for me... #4 I miss my's funny, she had a best friend she used to tell me about when she lived in England, her name was Poppy! I know you were probably reffering to your grandfather as Poppy, but it triggered a memory for me. #6 Made me smile, I rememeber when you called me right after he proposed. #7, I would like to think I'm in your thoughts for this one! XOX
Thanks for this post...I might have to do the same...once I start blogging again!

January Dawn said...

@Lisa - thank you!

@T - of-course you're emotional - pregnant with twins ... double the emotion! ;) Of - COURSE you're included in #7 silly goose. You should do the same list. Like NOW when you have the time to blog, before your little beans come along. xo