Monday, June 20, 2011

Yes. Yes I did.

Just like any nice day in the summer I took my boys to a nearby park.

We played, we climbed, my little one ran obsessively up and down a very small hill.

And then 4 beautiful 13 year old girls showed up.

It was around dinner time so we were the only people there.

Except for the 4 beautiful 13 year old girls.

They started off at the swings and I saw my 19 month old make a beeline towards them too.  I followed him.  And my 3 year old followed me.

I pushed them in the swings for a few minutes and then the novelty wore off as it always does.

Oh and the girls had left to go over to the monkey bars.

My little guy literally walked over right in the middle of it all and sat his chunky little diapered bum on the second lowest wrung of a metal latter watching....just gawking at watching these 4 beautiful 13 year old girls hanging from the bars and talking. Talking and hanging.

Oh the days...the days, the months, the 20 many, many years  gone by.  How is it that I barely remember them???

The 4 beautiful girls were actually quite funny, having a chin up contest.  One of the skinniest girls was seriously strong.  She just up and did 3 or 4 chin ups, no problem. One of the other girls just hung there.

"Were you like even trying?"

"Yes!  Check these out."  She says flexing her twig like arm.

They laugh.

Adrian asks me what they're doing as he's hanging out at the opposite end of the play structure from them and I tell him.

I look over at Fin still sitting in the same spot amongst the pretty girls with a sweet grin on his face looking up at them.

I sigh and shake my head.


The girls leave and Adrian wants to do chin ups (of-course).

I hoist his 42 lb body up and let him hang there then catch him before he drops to the sand.

I see the girls making their way over the crest of the hill.

I wait a moment longer.


And then I hop up on those bars and give it my all.


Up, up, up....

And down I go.


I did it.

One whole freakin' chin up.

Oh yeah.


Amber_D said...

I'm seriously impressed you did one. I just hung from monkey bars a few weeks ago on vacation and my whole upper body was sore for two days.

Sad, I know.

Helene said...

Good for you on at least trying! I'll never forget the time Bella asked me to do the monkey bars with her at the park...and I seriously pulled a muscle in my back.

I'm too old for that crap! LOL!!

Lisa said...

Hahahahaha. Awesome. :)

Beth said...

Whoot-whoot! Love it! :)

parenting ad absurdum said...

I can't even do the one. And I've tried! I console myself that 13 year old girls have a lot less to lift up...

January Dawn said...

Thanks ladies. Apparently I'm pretty strong I guess? Lifting the combined weight of 2 boys equalling 70 lbs might have assisted in this. ;)