Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm linking up with Shell over at Things I Can't Say....if you love baby bumps check it out!

I was very fortunate in both my pregnancies.  I had the occasional migraine and with Finley I had morning sickness for about the first 8 weeks at 2 pm every day...which meant good bye lunch. (berf).  

Oh and I had some rage issues in the first trimester (I'm pretty sure smoke emitted from my ears at work more than occasionally) and I was so exhausted I would hide out in the 'sick room' every lunch hour to catch some z's.  It didn't even matter that it was a rock hard faux leather 'bed' and the pillow had a crinkly paper pillow case covering it for 'sanitary' reasons.  My head would hit that skeezy thing and I would zonk for a good half hour.  (at least). When I was pregnant I could pretty much sleep any time, any place.  Except when 4 am would hit and I'd be more awake than I'd be the whole entire rest of the day.  I am convinced that 4 am is the witching hour for pregnant woman.

8 months preggers with Adrian

Okay so they weren't perfect pregnancies but there are worse things to deal with in pregnancy than the usual angry outbursts, fatigue and 'morning' sickness but my belly was pretty awesome.  Although I was not considered 'huge' and was lucky that I only gained about 30 lbs a third of that was baby with both boys.

I know.  Eeks.  Why would God do that to little old me?!    

Of-course with Adrian I took pictures every couple of weeks and did the professional photo shoot with John (and yes, our dog - our 'first born' otherwise known as our fur baby).  Oh, how things change with your second.  I had a hard time finding any pictures of me pregnant with Finley.  I hope he doesn't resent me for that...although I think I made up for the lack of pregnancies pictures with about a million pictures of him now.  

Forgive me buddy.  It sure didn't mean I was less excited about you coming into our lives...your big brother kept me hopping.  You've brought us nothing but pure joy.  Two babies means twice the love.

About to pop with Adrian
39 weeks - little did I know I had 2+ weeks to go

5 months along with Finley


middle child said...

Absolutely love that first picture!

Shell said...

Oh, that first pic is just so sweet!

Helene said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You are like the perfect pregnant woman...look at how adorable you are in all those pics!! You totally rocked those bumps for sure!

Geez, could I sound like any less of a Valley Girl?

Mom of 12 said...

What fun pics! So glad to meet you.