Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Makes a House a Home

Interesting how in the midst of chaos when the boys are tearing the place up, whacking each other with random objects, throwing toys, the dog barking and chasing them to ensure I feel completely overwhelmed in the crazy chaos, that when they leave the house, our home, it suddenly becomes void of soul, spirit, joie de vivre.

Like an empty shell.

And though they just left for a visit with the grandparents, uncles and aunts and I soon will be road tripping it to see some amazing girlfriends that I haven't seen in far too long, my heart is longing to have my family next to me at this very moment.

How I yearn for these moments of quiet.


But the silence now seems too loud.

I feel silly.  After all it is only one night I will be without them.

This evening I will be enjoying the bonding that women always do when they get together.  Laughing so hard that tears spring up into your eyes and your face actually hurts from smiling so much.  The easy camaraderie of great girlfriends that have known each other for a decade.  Having been there for one another experiencing the good and bad, the in between, watching each other marry, bragging about our better half, harping about our better half, through pregnancies and babies being born, delighting in each other's children...watching the babies grow up so fast.  Seeing each other grow as fabulous women and Mother's and wives, although time spent together is at times too far between but which makes the rare time spent together even more cherished.
I love these woman.  Aren't they beautiful!?
T, Carol,'ll be missed!

Years of friendship behind us, years of friendship ahead.  I adore these women and am so very excited to see them again.

But my husband, my babies...and yes even my sweet ol' dog.

I miss them.

Oh how I miss them as I sit here alone at my kitchen table, sipping on a coffee, typing away...

Because a house, this house, our house, just isn't a home without my family.

My sweet family, a picture taken so long ago
...oh how little the babes were!
How fast they grow.


Lisa said...

Awesome post. We have a girls night every other month,and I can't help but miss kissing my kiddies good night.

parenting ad absurdum said...

I do the same - I long desperately for time alone, and then immediately miss the kids. I get over it, though ;).

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

They always stay in your heart, no matter where they are!