Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 10, 2006

Our wedding day.

I awoke very early feeling the anticipation of the day from head to toe.

Today was THE day.

Everyone talks about wedding day jitters, the cold feet.

Never had 'em.

I knew from the first week John and I spent together he was it.

The One.

And though I waited for what felt like an impossibly long time for him to propose.

(It was only 5 years)

I did wait.

I never threatened him once...

Okay, maybe one time.

What I didn't know was that he had already designed the ring but wanted to have it paid for before he actually proposed.

I know.  Shame on me.

How silly I felt when he told after he'd asked me to marry him that he'd had the ring for a while.

February 12, 2005.  The proposal day.

Or night rather.

And how shocked I was when he proposed to me over beef filets, garlic mashed potatoes, caesar salad and wine in our humble 700 square foot apartment as we sat on our dog chewed, fur covered area rug, legs tucked under the cheap coffee table eating a gourmet meal. (at the time we didn't have a proper kitchen table - or even a dining area to put one in)

I was so ecstatic when he asked me to marry him I didn't even care that the ring was too small and only fit on my pinky.  (not my husband's fault).

We went out that night and I rocked my pinky engagement ring.

Now, here it was.

June 10th, 2006....the day finally arrived after 1 year and 4 months of parties, planning and preparing.

I am proud to say that I organized, designed and decorated the big day myself but had plenty of help from friends, family and bridemaids setting everything up on my wedding day.

It was a beach themed wedding.  Exactly what I always wished for.

After an early morning run along the water with my Maid of Honour, we returned back to the cottage. (everyone rented a cottage or stayed at a B&B as we got married in a tiny beach town/fishing village)

It was a fun day of getting our hair and make up done (although not without a bit of drama from some of the ladies - just a side note: if you are in a wedding don't complain to anyone but especially to the bride that you hate your make up, hair, dress etc.  She doesn't need to stress out more than she already is - acting diva-ish is her job that day not yours - zip it, smile and if you're having a bad day - remember - it's not about you)

Thank God for my best friend who in the midst of me getting my make up done and listening to the craziness around me she saw me starting to freak out, grabbed my shoulders, looked me in the eyes intensely and told me to breathe, relax.  She said some other things that I can't remember but the idea was...

She calmed me down.

She always does.

She was her usual fabulous self.

That's why we're best friends you see.

The day of my wedding was beautiful, sunny with a bit too much wind but it's not always going to be perfect.

Of-course for weeks ahead of time I was checking the weather obsessively as only brides that get married outside do....can you imagine the distress I felt when 2 weeks before my wedding it was supposed to RAIN!

It never did.

But the rings were forgotten.

My Mum went missing (this is what John and I thought but she was actually running to get the rings - thank God we got married just outside of where they were being held hostage (by my Mom) because she refused to give them to the Best Man the night before - in hindsight, Mum, that was probably a good idea)

When we eventually got the rings the minister dropped my husband's wedding band in the grass.

And the vase of flowers on the table where the unity sand was sitting kept getting knocked over by the wind.

Oh.  The unity sand? We almost forgot about that too.

And the pen.  You know the pen that you sign your life to one another with?  We almost forgot about that too.  I think the make up artist snuck that out without being detected.

You know.  Nothing major.

Other than the very loooong and somewhat awkward silence that followed when the minister called my Mum up to bring the unity sand and we looked over to find an empty seat where she should've been sitting, because she was running to get the rings (well, as fast as you can run in a very long slim fitting dress - it was more like a fast shuffle...but an elegant fast shuffle)

I used the silence as my chance to take everyone in and give a  "HEY THERE EVERYONE!" with a big wave of my arm.

Pure class.

We said the beautiful vows, people cried (mostly my best friend's Mom), pictures were snapped, shaky videos were taken and then we all strolled down the bluff for some delicious blue champagne cocktails.  (Blue Curaco and champagne - to go with the beach theme)

It was THE happiest, most blissful, most love consuming day of my life.

There is a magical feeling on the day of your wedding having everyone you love in the same place celebrating the love you have for each other.

It was perfect.  Despite all the imperfections.

All those imperfections made for funny stories and greater memories.

Many bottles of wine were consumed, many great conversations were had, everyone danced all night long...and then continued the party back at the cottages - except for my new husband and I of-course.



Yes, I married the man of my dreams and he continues to prove to me everyday that I chose the right guy.

The perfect man.

For me.

And I never had a doubt.

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary my love.

To a lifetime of togetherness.

I got your back.

Always and Forever.

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love makes the ride worthwhile." - 
  --  Franklin Jones 

Our song....Subversives by Lowest of the Low  

While going through our wedding photos I suggest listening to the song if you so desire.  

It's a great one.  

OR listen to this's what I walked down the aisle to and it is one of my favourite songs in the whole world (I know Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac originally sang it but I used Eva Cassidy's - both are beautiful)

Me and my Daddy
What you didn't see is me having a freak out seconds before
because the music had started but we didn't hear it
until halfway through.
Does he look happy...scared....or like he might throw up?
You decide.
The man of my past and present giving me 'away' to the man
of my future.
I know.  Very traditional but I'm kinda like that.
The awkward moment when B.M (see behind John) is telling
M.O.H. that he doesn't have the rings.
John and I have no clue what's going on...all we know is that
my Mum was nowhere to be found.
Then we find out what's going on.
And I laughed. What else could I have done?
But laugh. 
Phew.  Rings are obtained.  We can move on with the ceremony.
"There's a market value on love.  We're getting something for free."
Getting the okay from the families...just in case after 6 years
they decided we didn't belong together. 
"There's a place in my soul where no one else can adore you."
"To you, I would give the world.  To you, I'd never be cold.
'Cause I feel that when I'm with you, it's alright...I know it's right"
The flower pot that kept falling over as you can see from
remnants of dirt.
And the Unity Sand that was almost forgotten.
"For you there'll be no crying.  For you the sun will be shining"

The fabulous pen that was almost forgotten (how could you
forget about a pen like that?!)
And wow,  the look on my way too concentrated to be signing
just my name.  
The new Mr and Mrs
I am realizing looking back at these pictures...I was not a
blushing bride but beaming one.
Still beaming.
That's probably a good sign.
The pouring of the blue champagne cocktails
So I'm not quite beaming here and I do have a Chretien-like
smile on my face.  But.
It's all good.
"And we'll drink, but not to forget but to
remember instead all our happy years"
And that's everyone!  My favourite picture of the day.
Yay!  I'm so HAPPY!
Yes!  I'll have more champagne!
Oh, how I love my dress.
Too bad it'll never fit me again.
Just a casual walk on the beach.
You know.  Pretending like no one's actually taking our picture.
No I did not wear shoes when I got married.
What are on my feet are barefoot sandals.
I threw on flip flops after the ceremony.
That's just the kinda gal I am.
Gazing toward our beautiful future together.
In reality we felt like idiots.

He didn't actually write that.
In case you were wondering.
And case you were wondering.
The chick in the wedding dress and the dude in the tuxedo?
Yeah, they just got married.
The cheesy ring shot.  I was so against it but hey...look at me now.
I guess it came in handy.  
Our first dance as a married couple.
My very favourite picture of us.

"And I love you, I love you, I love never before...."


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Ellen said...

Well done Gorgeous Girl. I've often said to Jorge that if I could relive a day in my life it would be your wedding day. Surrounded by people I love, people I haven't seen for a while and people who are now your extended family. I so much enjoyed seeing these pictures after five years that I think I'm going to watch the wedding video tonight. Love you to the moon and back.

Scotty J said...

As the best man, I still hold firm...that ring would have been in my pocket had Ellen not refused to give it to me! Love you guys - great blog Jan.


Tayarra said...

What beautiful pictures! A dream wedding on the beach. You can't beat that! I was married outside in my parent's backyard in front of their pond. A dream wedding for me too. Loved it... and freaked about the weather a little. 6/7/03 is our anniversary.