Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Babies' Daddy

He officially became a father February 3, 2008 but he became a Daddy 9 months earlier.

While Adrian was growing at a rapid pace in my belly he would talk to him, sing to him, rub my belly and tell him stories.  I knew when I was pregnant that he was going to be a great Dad.

I'll never forget the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice several days after bringing our first born home with us.  He was lying on the couch with Adrian swaddled and sound asleep on his chest.  He looked over at me sitting on the couch and said "If he didn't have us he would die."

Now that's a heavy thing to say I realize, but in that moment, in that small sentence the enormity of parenthood enveloped us.  We simply stared at each other and then down at our little one sleeping soundly.

Nurtured, loved, completely at peace.

John dove right into fatherhood with great enthusiasm.  He did more diaper changes than I did.   He soothed, rocked and cuddled when I had all but had enough of the crying.  He swaddled like the best of them and sang silly made up songs.

He still sings the silly songs and has since added many superhero bedtime stories to his repertoire.

My husband travels a bit for his job and is an incredibly hard worker.  He does this for us, his family, the most important people in his life, his world,  but I know that sometimes the chorus of "Cat's in the Cradle" weaves it's way into his head at times.

But he will never be that father.

I know how hard it is for him to leave even for a few days.  He misses his boys intensely.  You can feel it when he sees them for the first time whether it's after 3 weeks or just 4 days of being away.  Lifting Adrian up in a bear hug, placing his whiskered face into the neck of his big boy inhaling the very essence of him.   Upon seeing Finley picking him up exclaiming "McGinner!" (one of his many nicknames) as his little arms wrap around his Dada's neck, giving his baby boy's sweet chubby cheeks a thousand kisses his eyes soft with love for his boys.

He is endlessly telling our sons how much he loves him and is quick to drop whatever he's doing to play with them.

John and Finley
Oh so sweet!
This week when John came down the stairs Finley yelled out excitedly "Daddy!!!"

It was the first time he clearly said Daddy.  It only took him 19 months.

And I saw John's heart melt right in front of me.

I really believe what makes a great husband makes a great Dad.

He is affectionate, protective, loyal, thoughtful and above all shows his love and respect for me daily.  This is what our sons will grow up noticing and is of utmost importance defining the difference between an okay father to a wonderful Daddy.

The way the boys see their father treat their mother (that would be me) is crucial in how they will treat their future wife.  Or any woman for that matter.  I truly believe that.

Finley with his new bellybutton obsession.

There is nothing in the world that fills my heart with more love than seeing my husband as a father, a Daddy.

As John falls more in love with his boys I fall more in love with him.

Happy Father's Day honey.

What makes you an amazing husband makes you a phenomenal Dad.

I hope I make your day of celebration as fabulous as you made mine.

No doubt they love their Daddy

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Ellen said...

Love this January. How could all of you not love John? He's an amazing person in so many ways. I love him too.