Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Warning:  The following post is gag-worthy...but I felt the need to post it to be used and upheld as an example for all future Mother's Day's.

There are many different views about Mother's Day.  Some people might not feel comfortable with it because it feels contrived or too commercial, others may not like it because they may feel their husband doesn't do anything different on that day anyway so what's to celebrate (TERRIBLY SAD)...and some Mother's LOVE it...people like me.  I've never had the above feelings and figure any day that allows me a little sleep in time is cause to be very happy!

Since last year my husband wasn't even in the same country let alone the same continent because of that darn volcano ash issue from Iceland, just having him HOME made it above and beyond last years.

But this year's Mother's Day, this was the first Mother's Day that I had a blog...and I used that to my FULL advantage my friends.  I'm well aware that men aren't mind readers as much as we'd like to think they are so I put together a little list of my Mother's Day wishes.  It was a tad tongue in cheek and I really didn't expect my husband to do them all.

Just most of them.

It must've slipped my mind for a moment that my husband is not only pretty awesome but also a perfectionist.

I awoke around 8 am on Mother's Day morning to a pile of magazines and 2 beautiful that had this message on it:

I might keep him around.

I came down the stairs to see my boys and was greeted with a sweet "Happy Mother's Day!" from my 3 year old, a hug from my 18 month old and of-course all of the above from my husband.  Except he was a bit ..... sweaty?

"Why are you all sweaty?"

"Well, I've been busy cleaning the floors for you!"  I look around and notice the floors are shining and the dishes are all done.

I started to laugh.

"Honey!  I was only joking when I said the sparkling floors part."  But hey, no complaining from me.

He handed me a big cup of joe and told me to go back to bed as he opened the fridge to grab the waffle batter....that's make this Mumma some waffles!!!

Enjoying my morning coffee in bed
(Not the best pic but this is me...morning me anyway)

As I sipped on my coffee and read the latest gossip my husband was making me THIS.....

This is what my Mother's Day extravaganza looked like...

I am one lucky Mother!  ;)

The cutest part in the boy's card was this:

Their drawings.  Adrian's 'fish' and Finley's...well whatever that is.

The day was beautiful, sunny and warm upwards of 20 degrees just as I wished.  John said I didn't want to know what he had to do to get that weather (since it's been dreary, cold and wet here forEVER)  It may have had something to do with selling his soul.

We spent all morning outside with the boys and our neighbours and their children, riding bikes and jumping on trampolines.

My big boy on his 2 wheeler!

The dandelion he picked for me and placed so sweetly behind my ear.

Me and my little guy.

The boys went down for naps in the afternoon (hubby included) and I took off to Chapters to spend my gift card.  I bought 3 books a cd and a Starbucks Iced Tea Lemonade.  I also got to hold a 4 month old baby boy who I was making goo-goo faces at as I waited in the Starbucks line.  I chatted with the Mother for a few minutes and later on while I was reading "The Secret Garden" (that's of my purchases.  I read it as a 11 year old and wanted to read it again - it's timeless and I'm so happy I bought it) she came over and asked me if a wanted a little Mother's Day present from her.  I got to smell him and squish him and ... ooohhh, he may have ignited in me a want for another (just don't tell my husband.)

After 2 hours of wandering, relaxing and reading I headed back home.

I enjoyed a couple glasses of wine and we ordered sushi from my favourite sushi restaurant...and it was absolutely delicious!

All in all it was a fantastic Mother's Day.

I highly suggest letting your wishes known...and not just on Mother's Day.

You never know, you just might be taken by pleasant surprise.


Alex | Perfecting Dad said...

Sound like a perfect day could not be had.

Ellen said...

Wow. Now he's a keeper. Let's hope his list for father's day isn't quite as daunting as your mother's day wish list.