Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Play dough, Puzzles and other Problems

I had a dream when I was pregnant with Adrian (don't worry, this isn't another Hungry, hungry Hippo dream).  In the dream I was in a garage, there was some kind of get together going on and I looked down at two of the most beautiful boys I had ever seen.  The 2 things I remember the most were their big blue eyes and the feeling of love that completely constricted my heart.  It was so real to me even as I awoke in the morning.  What I didn't understand was why I was in a garage (we lived on the 3rd floor of a 3 story walk up at the time) and why there seemed to be a party going on.

Fast forward 3 years and here I am, living in a house with a garage surrounded with amazing neighbours that we've become very good friends with and hang out with outside (as the kids run amok), and sometimes in each other's garages.  I also happen to have two adorable boys with big beautiful blue eyes.

My dream came true.  I love my life with my family but sometimes I find having 2 boys 21 months apart quite the challenge at this stage.

Stating the obvious.  I know.

Putting aside the tantrums that they both have (sometimes simultaneously), and the constant demand for my affection and attention...having 2 boys ages 3 and 17 months and trying to find activities that they'll both enjoy (or won't make me bonkers) is, well, pretty much impossible.

My three year old finally has passed the stage of having the attention span of a gnat and actually can (sort-of) sit still for an hour and watch a movie.  My 17 month old on the other hand, will watch about 10 minutes and then will hunt down the converter or start pressing random buttons on the receiver.  This never bodes well with Adrian.  I end up with a very distraught 3 year old who screams at his little brother "NO THANK YOU FINLEY!" and orders me to fix the movie like he's never seen Toy Story 2 five hundred thousand times before and has no idea that Zurg is actually the "fake" Buzz's father.

And puzzles...oh how much fun a parent and a child can have with puzzles.  I don't know why it says ages 3 and up on these puzzles.  It always ends up in frustration yet he still insists on doing them.  Besides that, all Finley wants to do is destroy the puzzle "Adrian" is putting together or eat the pieces.  Which again results in not only a frustrated 3 year old but an angry one, yelling at his brother "NO THANK YOU FINLEY!" while attempting to wrangle the sopping, mangled cardboard piece out of his little brother's mouth and hands.

Play dough.  I love the smell of play dough.  Totally brings back fond childhood memories of kindergarten and the strange boy who always ate it (and licked the popsicle sticks containing the goopy paste...there was at least one in every class)  Play dough is great in theory.  Kids love to squish, mash, poke, prod.  They love bright colours and making fun shapes with those cookie cutter things. Adrian is now passed the "Mmm play dough tastes so yummy" stage but Finley, unfortunately is not.  So, play dough right now, is a no go.

Colouring.  My little guy is obsessed with crayons and drawing.  Unfortunately he's also obsessed with drawing on things other than paper.  Like the walls....and the tables...and other kinds of furniture.

And Adrian...

Well, he also likes to make our walls his work of art.

So unless I'm hovering over their shoulders ensuring that all crayons stay on paper (which defeats the whole purpose of the activity of keeping them busy while this Mumma can get the dishes done) colouring is out too.

See what I mean?  Good times.

The one thing they do play well together is superheroes.  Except when they both want to be the headless Spider Man (I have no idea where the head went...the dog probably ate it.....and why do they make a Spider Man with a headless option in the first place?!  Probably for the same reason they make an Iron Man with removable hands?)

So, yes, right now it's a bit of a challenge finding things both boys can and are interested in doing together (especially since winter is bullying spring right now) but I am excited for the days when they'll be riding their bikes together, climbing trees together, play what I'm sure will be too many video games together...I'm realistic enough to know that they won't get along all the time.  But I'm optimistic enough to hope that they get along for the MOST part.  I look forward to seeing them grow up together and look out for one another, play sports together and most of all be good brothers to each other.

However, at this moment in time, in this sweet, beautiful and challenging age I will enjoy who they are right now.  Because how can you not love a moment like this...

A big brother's love and protection

This was taken at our neighbour's son's 3rd b-day party that took place at a fire station.  John sat them up on the fire truck and Adrian protectively put his arms around his Finley to keep him "safe" completely unprompted by Mumma or Dad.  Awww.


Tanya said...

To sweet those little "blue eyes" are of yours! Keep them safe forever and ever, amen! xox T

Ellen said...

Great story GG. I remember when you had that dream because it was so vivid you told me about it. Maybe you're psychic as well as a fabulous mother, wife and daughter.

January Dawn said...

Thanks Mumma. :) XO