Monday, April 4, 2011

Hungry, hungry Hippo!

I am going to stray far, far away from the everyday norm of what I usually blog about although in a roundabout way it'll come back to my family.

It always does.

Are you ready for this one?  Somehow, I think NOBODY is.

Here goes!....

Last night I had a dream that a hippo ate my husband.

I know.  Really bizarro.  But it gets even stranger friends.

After my husband was consumed by the very large (like it was about 10 times the size of a normal hippo) I was all distraught (well hello?  wouldn't you be if your husband got eaten by a ginormous hippo??) so I asked one of the little people (and by little people it gets kinda fuzzy here if they were actually midgets or simply just little people) that worked at this very odd zoo (which also contained vicious seals and crazy otters) what I could do to get my husband BACK!

The little person told me "Don't worry, hippos only have 4 teeth so your husband wasn't actually chewed ...and besides...he'll just come out the other end"  The little person was pointing to the huge piles of manure behind the hippo.

Back to I'm wondering...DO hippos only have 4 teeth???  I must google about hippos now.

This is what I found:

A hippo has 40 teeth.

When you see a hippopotamus opening its mouth, it seems as though they have only four! But they actually have 40 teeth. 
The incisors that you noticed, and the canines, get to be 18 inches long. Those are used primarily for defending their young and establishing a territory. The reason we can see them so well is that a hippo can open his mouth 180 degrees, in comparison to a human that can only open 45 degrees.

And now we all know a little more about hippos.  You're so welcome.  This explains to me a little bit about the 4 teeth and how my husband could get eaten by a hippo in the first place...who knew a hippo could open their mouth THAT wide!?  

In case you were wondering, I was not watching the National Geographic channel  before I dozed off last night.  This was a completely and utterly random dream.

Back to my crazy husband eating hippo dream...

There I went!  I dove right into that hippos mouth.  I remember exactly what it was like.  Slimy, dark brown and pink, even the feeling of some serious butterflies in my stomach as I made the descent into the belly of the hippo, on the search for my husband.

It all gets kinda Inception like here.  I did find John but then we were a in building with elevators that had windows on all sides....I can't remember what happened thereafter.

What in the world could this dream mean?.....

You guessed it....I totally googled what it means to dream of a's what it says:

To see a hippopotamus in your dream, symbolizes your aggressive nature and your hidden strengths. You have more influence and power than you realize. Alternatively, it indicates that you are being territorial. Perhaps someone is overstepping their boundaries.

I'd like to think my dream meant the first part...except I would never consider myself to be aggressive whatsoever....although clearly hopping down a hippopotamus's throat to find my husband so that we could be crapped out the arse together might contain a bit of aggression.

I'd like to interpret the dream to mean that I would do ANYTHING for my family.  

And, of-course I would.

So be warned all you hungry hippos...don't you ever try to eat my family!  I'll be all up in yo' face and all over your ass!  

Figuratively and literally!



paradigmjohn said...

Is that why I woke up at 4AM to you pulling on my arm?? ;-)

Ado said...

I'm so interested in dream symbology and in particular Jungian archtypes around dreams. The animal always represents the primal, what is real within you at the time of the dream. I have never dreamt of a hippo though, what a powerful symbol! I'm sure your Google explanation sufficed. (-:

I once had a terrible nightmare - woke up shouting, in fear - muttering to my husband about this gigantic, fearsome bull that was coming up the stairs. He tried to reassure me: "It's ok, honey, it's only a dream. The bull isn't coming after you."
So I replied: "Actually, you're right - he isn't coming after me. He's coming for YOU!"
We still laugh about that. So - you were wrong, there is someone out here reading your post who actually relates to it! You husband was swallowed by a Hippopotomus and mine was run down by a big bad bull. (-:

January Dawn said...

Oh Ado! You make me laugh! I was a bit hesitant sharing my crazy dream but it seemed so real and was so absurd I had to get it in writing. I actually dream of animals quite a bit. And they're always giant! I had a dream of garter snakes last week but they were the size of pythons! Maybe I should write about my dreams more often. ;)

Ellen said...

I don't know if this helps GG but I've read that people who don't dream can be suffering from a mental illness. You have my permission to google that by the way.