Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have a confession.  I let my 3 year old climb into bed with us.  And stay there.  And it happens almost every.  single.  night.

Okay so that's not the real confession.  Because I'm pretty sure this happens to most parents on quite a regular basis.

The real confession is that it.  Shhhhhhh.

I was the type of Mum before this started happening that could be a bit judgmental about the whole "allowing your kid to sleep in your bed" debate (I know! shame on me!).  I was against it.  How could you maintain the intimacy with your spouse if a child is sleeping in your bed??

Well, first of all, intimacy with your spouse is gone once you purchase a king sized bed.  Because you're all like miles away from each other.  It's like you're two ships floating in a vast ocean.

It's awesome.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my husband and I love being affectionate with him and of-course the intimacy.  We still cuddle together while watching movies or American Idol together (sorry honey, your secret is OUT) but that ends when I want some shut eye.   Besides that, how much intimacy happens between the hours of 2  am (the usual time when Adrian meanders into our room and I have to break my back lifting him into our bed) and 7 am?

I will tell you, in our house...that would be none. zilch. zero. nada.  We're too busy getting some much required z's...or tending to a screaming toddler.

I do, I love having my little guy all snuggly and warm beside me.  I've always had the soundest sleeps when my babies have been next to me...and I think if it's that way for me, surely it must be that way with them.  (except when he's hacking his lungs out in my face...then it's all about his own bed)

My Mother-In-Law asked me once "When do you not allow it anymore?"

Fair question.  I don't know.  I imagine when you're not comfortable with it anymore.  I'm sure my son won't be climbing into our bed when he's 12.

Oh geez.  I sure hope not.


So, that's my Mumma confession of the day.

Besides how can you kick this angelic little face out of bed?

My sleeping angel


Attila said...

Haha, nothing wrong with it at all!!
And, I knew I am not the only one watching Idol! And I bet he likes it! Hahahaha

Ellen said...

What a precious picture GG. The discussion about children in their parents' bed has been going on for decades...many, many decades. I believe it is strictly a personal family choice and it's noboby else's business. Children will naturally create their own need for privacy as they age so just enjoy it while you can. It really won't last forever.

Perfect Dad said...

Sleeping babies are the cutest -- so cute that you almost cry looking at them sometimes! You can't say no to that.

January Dawn said...

@Attila - you and John can't be the only guys watching it...and yes, he LOVES it. ;)

@Mum - you're absolutely right. As always. xo

@Alex - I totally know what you mean. Heart achingly sweet.