Sunday, April 10, 2011

"No, YOU'RE a Stinky Poo Head!"

Sometimes having children makes me revert to childish, immature behaviour.

Okay, so it won't win me Mother of the Year award's all in good fun.

Example: when my eldest boy gets mad at me for the thousandth time that week and tells me to "GO AWAY!" I will wittily come back with "No, you go away."  to which he will reply "NO YOU!" and then I'll retort, "You!"....see what I'm saying here?

If he steps on his toys in a fit of destruction I'll warn him dangerously "Stop stepping on your toys or I'll step on you".  Of-course I would never, ever do such a thing.  And obviously he doesn't take me seriously.

On occasion he'll make up a really "mean" name and when he gets angry with me he'll yell "You're a SHNOOPOO!"

Me "No, you are."

And I'm so not above toilet humour...last night I called him a "stinky poo head" when I was trying to get him into his bed.  To which he giggled uncontrollably for 5 minutes.

Then I did it again.

And again.

And again.

Just to hear his awesome laugh.


Tanya said...

HAHA I'm in trouble then...My inner kid is constantly calling Angel and Rhys, PooPoo Stinky Head and Poopy Bum! I love it though, I don't care how it sounds...makes them laugh, in turn makes me smile...mission accomplished I'd say!

Perfect Dad said...

That's a really good way to play, not sure why you think it's no good. I love to play this. You can add some sophistication and educational value by making it a one-up game, describing exactly how the other person is more of a poopey head.

"You're a poopey head."
"Oh no, your head is smellier than mine so you're the poopey head".
"Nope, your head is covered in pooh, so you're the poopey head."
"No no no no. No way, there is poop inside your head, so you're the bigger poopey head."
"Of the two of us, your head is totally made of pooh, so you are the real poopey head."
"Yeah, well ... I think we can flush your head down the toilet, so you are the maximum poopey head."
"Oh no, not right, You see, because your head is so poopey even the dog would eat it!"
"Gross! Ok you win".

We played exactly this game this weekend at the home depot looking for lattice.

parenting ad absurdum said...

I love that my kids turn me to into a complete goofball - one of the many best things about them!!