Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Morning

I feel like my last post should've had some sort of disclaimer attached to it advising people that this was not an average week in my life (especially for those seeing my blog for the first time)...and that I am actually not usually such a miser.

With that being got worse before it got better.

Saturday morning came (too early - 6:12 to be exact) and with that a fresh new wave of tears.

This time, mostly mine.

Both my sons awoke within minutes of each other and Adrian (after awaking me sweetly with kisses all over my face) decided to let "Hyde" out in full force...due to the fact I descended the stairs with JUST Finley in my arms (and gasp! carrying another 40 lbs on top of 28 was just not feasible without Mummy tumbling head over feet down the stairs)

I broke.

I was done.

I started crying.

And then I was okay...after my husband came to my much needed rescue.

Sunday morning came and with it a better start.

I was told at breakfast by Adrian "I love you Mummy"

Me "I love you too honey"

Adrian  "To the moon and back forever and ever and always"

*heart melt*

Then Finley let me know with a sign language only our family understands that he wanted the rest of his brother's sweet, syrupy cheerio I fed it to him with a spoon.

I don't know why that made me so happy.

But it did.

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paradigmjohn said...

Cute post my SWEETS. I am Looking forward to a tear free Sunday (starting now) :) with the boys!