Monday, April 11, 2011

Bumps and Bruises, Kisses and Cuddles

I suppose it's a universally known fact that boys tend to be more "rough and tumble" than girls.  It make sense of-course but I can't make an educated comparison because I'm raising two quite rough and tumble boys.

It seems as though I'm always finding bumps, bruises and scratches on their legs, faces, head and arms with no clue on how they got there.

Do I sound like a neglectful mother or what?...I assure you I am not and any other Mom of boys totally knows where I'm coming from.

Day to day in my house there's a constant stampede of running, jumping off furniture and body slamming walls.  Who knew 2 small boys of 65 lbs combined could sound like 65 thousand elephants.  It's no wonder they acquire so many minor injuries.

What I never counted on was being on the receiving end of such rowdiness.

Daily I get pinged off the head with random flying toys, climbed on, jumped on and kicked at (thanks to Kung Fu Panda).  Even the innocent act of playing Ring around the Rosey tonight somehow resulted in me doubled over with I'm pretty sure a bruised pelvis.

That's right.  Ouch.

Then a game of tag ended when 2 chunks of skin were "accidentally" gouged from my face.

I really love playing with my boys but sometimes, sometimes, I get very, very nervous around them.  Especially when they're overtired and I'm trying to get them to calm down, have some quiet time in their rooms but instead they both decide to "gang up" on Mummy and I end up with one child trying to climb on my head with a fistful of my hair while the other one is bouncing as hard as he can on my stomach laughing maniacally like a crazy fool as I "OMPH! OH! OW!" attempting to roll over, struggling to detangle my tresses from the clutch of a very small but very mighty hand.

Honestly, I would not have it any other way.  Because as much as I get "beaten up" on a daily basis they give more of their affection than I could have ever imagined.

They give me a hundred hugs a day.  Fin will walk over to me and lay his sweet head on my shoulder,  Adrian, will nestle his curly head into the crook of my neck.  Their delicious kisses light up my world.  Finley, prompted by the question "Kiss?" will plant a wet one (usually open mouth and all) right on mine.  Adrian randomly will give kisses on the arm, hand or cheek, sitting beside me eating his lunch or watching a movie.

And there's truly nothing more special than cuddles (however rare...or short lived) with your little ones.

So, I'll take the wild and rambunctious side because just as quickly they'll turn around and give me the most beautiful part of them all.

Pure child to mother love.


contact said...

Rats I just posted this long-assed comment and before it verified me I went over to peek at your About Me photo and lost it. Here I go again:

Boys are rough and tumble, I hear, more than girls for sure - but girls are trickier in general psychologically speaking - they harbor grudges longer (we are a moody lot). They are psychological landmines compared to boys. Boys get mad - punch each other in the arm and they're over it. Not so w. girls - much trickier.
All my friends who have boys say they are rough and tumble like this. My sister has 3 boys and said "you have to run them daily, like horses."
The thing I envy you for is that oh my GOD how the boys DOTE ON THEIR MOTHERS when they get a bit older - it is just adorable, and lifelong - I envy you that!! (-:

contact said...

By the way the above was from me, Ado at I can't figure out how to change over my anonymous contact thingamajig yet. Oy vey.

January Dawn said...

I was wondering who 'contact' was. I do love how they're Mumma's boys. I hope they always are. ;) I always tell my husband that if my boys love, admire and respect me as much as he does his Mom I've done a good job.