Thursday, March 3, 2011

"It's our God-forsaken Right to be Loved"

I think everyone should have an anthem....or two.  A song or songs that pertains to their life.  Past, present and/or future.

In my life I've had a lot of them!

As a little girl it was, of-course, Girls Just Wanna Fun by Cyndi Lauper

As a 12 year old dealing with my first 'broken heart' it was Must've Been Love by Roxette.  Oh the tears I cried over that boy while singing that song over, and over and over....and over at the top of my lungs.

When I was 14 or 15 I loved Blind Melon.  Tones of Home was my anthem song from this album.

The summer I was 16 the whole album of Counting Crows "August and Everything After" was all I listened to.  I particularly identified with Anna Begins.  Now, when I hear any song from that album it whooshes me right back to that tortuous age.  Whoever made up the term "Sweet 16" either skipped that age entirely or was completely delusional.

As a 17/18 year old Alanis Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill" was I'm sure every girl's anthem album.  At that time I was still feeling quite tormented by love I guess.

In my early 20's I loosened things up a little bit.  Since I was "of age" it would only make sense that Pink's Get The Party Started was one of my anthem's.

I couldn't help but turn up the volume when the radio played Meet Virginia  by Train.  Virginia seemed like such a cool chick, she didn't give a crap about what anyone thought.

I danced my little butt off to Bootylicious  and Survivor by Destiny's Child.  Pretty apt considering my body was pretty bootylicious when I was 20 and I ended up surviving the angst of my teen years.

Quite the spectrum of artists I liked looking back...

Then I met my husband and as we fell in love with each other we also fell in love with jazz music.  Diana Krall "Love Scene's" takes me right back to the beautiful days of when John and I were first dating.  Ahhhhh, the first year of love.  It's magical isn't it?

If only I could get him to Peel Me A Grape now....

Shortly after Adrian was born, John and I were driving in the truck listening to the radio when Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours" came on.  It seemed to be playing everywhere we went.  So we decided from that day that "I'm Yours" would be our "family song".

Try not to barf okay?

If this song doesn't make you bop your head and sing along I don't know what will!

I will leave you with the video....enjoy!!!  And while your toes are a tappin' think about what the anthem of your life would be.....

Just humour me.


Ellen said...

A Family Song...that is just the coolest trend setting thought. Love the song too.

Sarah Grace said...

ours is (currently) Tighten Up, by the Black Keys - Olive, Mayu & I air-guitar, and Poppy shakes her head back and forth really fast!

Tanya said...

I love that song too, I can't help but crank it in the car or at work while listening! We all have our "Theme" songs, you so right...Jan, you and I, our theme song is, Pump it...

I still remember when we went to the BEP at the JLC, we were dancing and cuttin' it, the girls behind us were so pissed...! lol

Joanna said...

You have always had a great ear for music, Great family song!!!

My Anthem is Let Love Rule - Lenny Kravitz

Ado said...

LOVE this song!
I think your childhood/teen tunes are pretty cool compared to mine. (I was all into Elvis in the Vegas years when I was a kid and it's a time in my life that I would rather forget...
Since then it's pretty much been a sad combo of 80s tunes and traditional Irish fiddle. Pretty blech, huh?

Ado said...

Um, wait a minute that, is that my blog under your Blogs I Love header or am I just imagining things? If it is, thank you! How funny I have just been commenting on YOUR wonderful blog and I didn't even see that until now! Wow. (-:

January Dawn said...

Yes it is Ado!! And thank YOU! Btw - there's NOTHING wrong with a little Blue Suede Shoes! :)