Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Squish, Squish! MMMMM Delish!

There are many times throughout my day that I squeal in a high pitched tone at my children, a very intelligent monosyllabic "Oooooooo!!!!"

This, I know, drives my husband up the wall  but it can't be helped.

Sometimes I cannot bear their cuteness.

I can't possibly be the only Mommy out there that does this.

This is usually followed by the question "Can I eat you?!"  Fin usually just looks at me like I'm a crazy person but Adrian loves it.  He thinks I'm the funniest person in the world.  Which makes me so happy.

I wouldn't ACTUALLY eat them of course....that would be awful and then I'd have nothing left to squish. With pure love of-course.

Their super soft, sweet smelling skin, chubby cheeks, big blue eyes, button noses and kissable lips.  Not to mention their chunky legs, protruding buddha bellies and little bums.  Ooooooooo!!!  Their little bums!  Simply irresistable.  How can one not want to bite it!?  (when it's clean of-course)

So yeah.  My babies are cute.  So adorable that the thought of them getting older and not wanting to even give me a simple hug stabs me in the heart so hard that I lose my breath for a moment.

But for now I feel so incredibly lucky to be at home with them (good, great, bad and ugly) and to be able to kiss them, squish them and bite their bums all I want.

Which leaves me with a little diddy that I made up when Adrian was just a wee little guy that I'll share with you....say it to your little ones for as long as they'll let you.  They'll love it.  I promise.

"Can Iiiiiii......kiss ya, kiss ya, kiss ya
Can I squish ya, squish ya, squish ya
Can I hug ya, hug ya, hug ya
Can I love ya, love ya, love ya"

It may be cheesy but it's guaranteed to make you both smile.  :)

How can you NOT want to munch on these little faces?!


Ellen said...

GG - I used to think the same thing when you were a baby. Now I relive it with my grandsons. I still don't think you're too old be loved, kissed and squished by your mama. XOXOX

Sarah Grace said...

Yeah, Ellen's right Jan - my mom still says the same ol kissy, squishy stuff that I'm sure she gushed when I was 2. Becoming a parent is weird that way - you instantly understand that someone else loves you that much, and in that mom became a different person to me when Olive was born.

Ellen said...

Thank you Sarah. Very well said. You'll always be our babies :)