Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's for Dinner?

This week-end my husband took out a frozen pizza to put in the oven for lunch.  I looked at him and said "You realize you're eating one of my meals next week".  I said it in a joking manner but I sorta wasn't...joking that is.

John recently left for India and Israel for 8 days.  SO.  What does that mean for me?  Well, that means it's all Mommy all the time for 8. Entire. Days.  Morning, afternoon, middle of the nights.  Naps, baths, the drama that "good night's" bring.  Playing, entertaining, dealing with tantrums, time outs.  Trying to fill the days so that the week doesn't drag on.  Dishes, vacuuming, cleaning up toys, laundry....breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Meal times.  The very bane of every mother with young ones existence.

When John is home I always cook a nice, healthy dinner.  I love cooking and I like to think I'm pretty good at it.  I'm not a Mom that makes separate meals for the adults and the kids.  That's too much work and in my opinion asking for trouble.  So I cook a delicious dinner and I expect everyone to eat that dinner.   If they don't....well, I'm sorry to say they might go to bed hungry (this doesn't actually happen but there's always the "threat").  Of-course there's only one member in my lovely family that gives us the gears when it comes to eating.  I'm sure you can guess who that curly headed boy is.

So when John is away, do I cook a nice, healthy dinner for everyone????  Uh.  NO.  I am no masochist.

 I struggled with that for a while because I really cannot stand most "convenience" foods.  Adrian didn't even have Kraft Dinner until this summer for the first time.  Of-course he loved it.  And every time we have chicken fingers and french fries Adrian always tells me "I make the best dinners ever".  *eye roll*

What do we eat while John is away you ask?

It's a very diverse selection of chicken fingers and fries (with vegetables of-course! ...  Do olives count as vegetables?  just kidding....maybe), pasta with tomato or cheese "sauce" (we've figured out that using the word "sauce" with my eldest equals "will eat"), frozen pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches with soup and if I'm feeling extra ambitious I will cook up some perogies.  I know perogies sound easy but you have to boil AND fry them plus if you want really delicious perogies you must have bacon with them.  And I have a weird fear of frying bacon.  It might have something to do with the 1000 degree grease that flies at you without warning.  And for the record, those bacon/grease anti spatter things don't work.  You still have to remove it to flip the bacon at which point the grease makes an alarming popping sound and spits at you menacingly thus potentially burning your eyeball.  I don't know why I have this strange anxiety do you?

 Moving forward now.... I never thought I would say this but I am actually sick of carbs, therefore tonight it was roasted chicken (I buy one every week at the grocery store and debone it for sandwiches and wraps), tortillas spread with hummus and folded in half, cheese, avocado, carrots with ranch dip and I also threw in some pickled asparagus.  I suppose I could call it "Antipasto Soden style".  We topped it off with some honey dew melon and strawberries for dessert.  I thought it was a perfectly acceptable dinner. Much healthier than the chicken nuggets we had last night, right?  Of-course my favourite thing about it was minimal clean up and no stove, pots or pans involved!  Plus Adrian pretty much gobbled the whole thing up.  Bonus!

Afterward as I was cleaning up and the boys were playing, Adrian runs into the kitchen and asks....

"Mumma, what are you cooking for dinner?"

"Cooking" clearly being the key word in that sentence.

I gotta admit, there's not much that gets by that son of mine.


Lisa said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog Jan! I feel like it is helping me prepare for life with children . . . I know things will change very much in the next couple months!

Here's a tip for cooking bacon. Use the microwave. My hubby taught me this and it always comes out perfect. Very little mess to clean up and NO splatter!!
Put paper towel on a plate, put your bacon on top, then cover it will more paper towel. How much time you cook it depends on your microwave. Start with 5 minutes then check to see if it's crispy enough for you.
Hope this helps!!

Hope all goes well while John is away. You really seem to have things under control though! (If you do need some help/advice... I am a trained behaviour specialist and am just an email away! :)

January Dawn said...

Thanks Lisa!!! For the bacon advice and for your positive thoughts. I do my best to keep the chaos "under control". ;)

Ellen said...

Um - about the bacon - I cheat and buy the pre-cooked bacon because I hate the mess of cooking it. Warm the pre-cooked stuff up in the microwave (or not) and you're done. It's perfectly cooked every time.

Love your blog Gorgeous Girl.

Tanya said...

OMG this one made me laugh out loud...Marty's like, "What are you lauging at?" LOL I said, "Januarys Blog"...he's like, "Friggin' January" LOL Oh and for bacon, we put it on a pan that has slots, and bake it....the grease falls into the pan below...you know, those ones...lol

paradigmjohn said...

Babe, re the bacon, can't you just go outside, shovel the deck, clear off the BBQ, start it up, carefully place the bacon and stand there in the freezing cold flipping it for twenty minutes to ensure a grease fire doesn't flare up?? After all BBQ'd bacon is the best and don't we all want the best for our kids??

Hehe..Just my little humor for the day. Love your Blogs, and I love you and our beautiful boys!