Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's Up Doc?

The other night after sleeping in fits and starts because my big boy wasn't feeling well, I made a decision as he coughed away in his sleep.  I couldn't endure another night of this and therefore to the walk-in clinic we had to go.

I braced myself for the battle and chaos that I knew would come about in the morning.  I don't make a habit of  taking both boys to the walk in clinic or doctor's by myself, however, I had noticed that Finley started coughing as well so I figured I would avoid the situation that happened the last time John was away (which was visiting the walk in twice in a week) and bring them both to get checked out.

The walk in clinic opens at 8:30 am.  I had to make sure the boys were dressed and the diaper bag was filled with diapers, wipes, snacks, health cards and my wallet, by at least 8.

We're upstairs in Fin's bedroom and I dress Finley....sounds easy but for any parent that has a squirmy toddler we all know that there's nothing easy about it.  Adrian's turn.  Oh boy.  After I chased him through 3 bedrooms,  wrestled him to the ground, legs kicking, arms flailing as he yelled "No Mumma!  I want to  be naked!!" I won....then...he declared had to go pee.

So, in we all go to the bathroom.  I sit Finley on the counter to brush his teeth and Adrian goes pee.

Uh oh.

I hear a splash and immediate "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh".  I turn around and Adrian has somehow fallen into the toilet...his right arm was IN THE TOILET, up to his elbow.  Awesome.

I quickly get Finley back on the ground just outside of the bathroom and grab Adrian to scrub him down as fast and as thoroughly as I can.  Then we go through Wrestle Mania 500 while I got him dressed...again.  The clock was ticking and I had to get to the doctor's office before 8:30.

8:14 we leave the house.  Of-course it's not the balmy temperature of 1 degree (you know you're Canadian when)  that it was the day before.  No, no.  It's -12 degrees with a windchill factor of -25.

By leaving the house, this does NOT mean we actually "left the house" this really means we're 5 feet outside the house and I'm putting Finley in his car seat while simultaneously trying to cajole Adrian to get to the other side where his car seat is.  I look over my shoulder and see Adrian stomping through the 2 feet of snow in our front yard away from the truck and toward the snowman we built the day before.  He fell in LOVE with this snowman.  I'm not kidding.

Adrian arrives in front of the snowman and says "I love you Snowman" and starts hugging and kissing it.  I really am not sure what the appeal of this particular snow man is.  I will take a moment and describe him to you  but I want you to keep in mind I had to be very inventive as I was not able to come and go into the house with 2 very young children to get the accessories a typical snowman requires.

"Snowman" is about the same height as Adrian (might be some of the appeal I suppose) with eyes made of brown snow (don't worry, just dirt), a nose made from a Blue Light beer cap that my youngest happened to find in the garage and a random bright orange pilon as a hat that probably came from one of our neighbours garages because it sure isn't ours.  No scarf, no buttons.  So.  There you are.  A pretty picture don't you think?

I finally get Adrian to climb into the truck and now have them both buckled in.  It's now 8:22.  I have 8 minutes before the clinic opens and it's only a few minutes down the road.

We're in good time.

I pulled up to the clinic at 8:26 and get a quick peak in the doors as we drive past looking for parking.  There was a line up of so many people I was sure a case of Beiber Fever was happening!  (okay, okay, really, really bad joke but I couldn't resist. And there really was a long line up of people)

We get into the nice warm entrance and wait until the receptionist opens up the doors.  I thought then, wouldn't it be nice if one of these people let us go ahead of them as they can clearly see I have 2 children and there is just one of them?

It was a nice daydream.

Fin and I take a seat in the waiting room as Adrian goes directly to the "toy area" which consists of those bead mazes and a few books with missing covers and ripped pages.  The Cat in the Hat is on the tv with NO volume.  Why do they torture children like that?  Adrian was not impressed.

Their names are finally called and in we go to another room to wait another 15 mins for the doctor.  In the meanwhile, after Adrian has opened and closed every cupboard, asked a thousand questions about all the interesting doctor's "tools" hanging on the wall and spun around a few times on the "spinny stool" he states he has to go pee.

Off we go to the washroom with 2 (very small) stalls.  One of which is occupied.  Always a concern as I am afraid that Adrian might be tempted to take a peak under the occupied stall.  It hasn't happened....yet.  Once he actually gets on the toilet he realizes "Mumma?  I don't have to go pee"  Of-course not.  Now, I'm trying to pull up his pants while holding I don't want to put him down lest he gets the crazy idea of crawling underneath the still occupied stall.  Quick, quick, quick!  I don't want to miss the doctor and then have to wait another hour for him/her to come back to us at their earliest convenience.

Whew.  We get back to the room and only have to wait a couple more minutes.  The very nice doctor takes a look at Finley and he's fine, thank God.  I have to tell you the cutest part of the whole trip which made it all worthwhile.  As the doctor was checking Fin's ears, throat, chest and back, Adrian comforted him, hugging one of his little legs that was dangling from the patient bed and says "I love my brother Finley".

I know.  He can be so sweet when he wants to be.

Adrian on the other hand had ANOTHER ear infection.  The second one in a month.  Ugh.  Poor guy.  So she writes up a prescription....which means a trip to the pharmacy. Where there are far too many colourful boxes, bottles, and tempting candy within both of my boys short reach.


Maybe I'll leave that adventure for the next blog entry.......


paradigmjohn said...

Pictured it like I was there with you honey. Of course you would be corralling three kids then... ;-)

Ellen said...

Sooo funny! I particularly enjoyed the mental image you created of the much loved snowman. Love your blog.