Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On a Great Night...(this is what you would see)

"I hear toys being thrown around down there!  If I come down there and toys are all over the place after I just cleaned them up I will NOT be happy."  I could tell they were shaking in their boots. (or underwear-slash-diapers as that's all they ever seem to wear around the house).

I was attempting to enjoy a dismal and cold November evening while my husband works away in the beautiful (hot) country of Australia.  The attempting was working for the most part.  I was bbq'ing steaks with thoughts of a glass of red wine in mind and listening to a random compilation of my favourite music while my boys played throughout the house.  Mostly getting along.  I really couldn't ask for more.  Except to have my husband there enjoying it with me.  Which was moot point.

I stormed down the stairs and surveyed toy cars strewn all over the floor.

"Really you guys?!  Clean these us right now.  Both of you!  Or no Wild Kratts after dinner tonight."  That was some serious threat right there.  I stomped back up the stairs with that glass of wine in mind that I'd yet to enjoy.


We sat around the dinner table, plates full of steak, orzo mixed with goat cheese, tomatoes and peas and steamed broccoli as the song Beam Me Up by Pink played.  Adrian sat to my right singing what he thought were the lyrics...."Beeeaat me Uuuup!"

"Adrian really?  You think she's singing 'Beat me Up' with that beautiful melody?"

"She's not?"

"No she's not.  She's saying 'BEAM me up'.  It's about wanting to see someone that she loves in heaven again."

"She's saying 'Beat me Up." His face moved right into mine, "BEEEAT MEEE UUUP."

"Okay Adrian.  Eat your dinner."


'Her hair is Harlowe gold, her lips sweet surprise; her hands are never cold, she's got Bette Davis Eyes...'

I jumped up from the table, "I love this song!  I have to dance."

The boys didn't need any excuse to get away from the dinner table.  They joined me on our living room dance floor, grabbing my hands and spinning me until I was dizzy.  I could see our reflection in the large picture window, the light from inside the house against the dark of the autumn evening.


I walked down to the basement where I was convinced I would be faced with the disaster yet to be cleaned up despite my terrible threat.  The holler I had ready in my throat quickly dissipated.

The cars were all put away.


After baths were had, teeth were brushed and books were read, we curled up in our jammies watching Wild Kratts in bed. My sons' lay on either side of me, heads on my shoulders, arms over my stomach, freshly bathed and smelling of orange scented shampoo.  I kissed and snuggled and loved them.

This is our nightly routine.

This is my life.

And though it isn't all roses and rainbows, oh no it isn't.   Cars are not always put away when asked and a slaved over dinner is often pushed away, sibling fights ensue, I get mad and our poor dog is too often harassed...but this is essentially us.

On a really, really great night.

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paradigmjohn said...

...And I can't wait to be home and part of it again!