Monday, November 12, 2012

Nostalgia: A Poem

She Dreams Under A Warm Purple Night Sky
Limpid Waters Turn and Lick
The Heady Haze of Sweet Summer Symphonies
Warm Scents of Fire and Lilacs Rise
She listens To Life under the Moon
Random Pictures Flash Through her Mind
Small Gusts of Wind Carry Them Away
The Crickets Sing and the Grass Tickles Her Neck
Languid Darkness Lingers
Amongst Yellow Pinpricks of Light
An Uncomfortably Warm Blanket 
Yet Soft to Touch
It Whispers Gently
To Never Not Tell the Tale
Of Your True Heart Story


Kristin said...

Such a talent January.

January Dawn said...

:) You are so kind Kristin. Thank you.