Monday, February 13, 2012

Part Trois in a Series of Uncraftery - Valentine's Craftery by an Uncrafty Mutha

It's time to get your Love Day craft on my cupids. I actually believe the more I force myself (and my children) to do crafts that I've actually gotten quite crafty!  (as long as there's no sewing involved that is)

I have two Valentine's Day crafts to share with you.

The first one is very easy and for all ages:

You will need:

1 piece of construction paper - you can let your child pick out the colour if you're not weirdly controlling (btw - I see nothing wrong with being weirdly controlling)
red and white paint

Fold the construction paper in half and cut half a heart shape.

Open it up and marvel at your beautiful heart.  Then let your child paint on one side of the heart....or if they refuse to do that like mine did, just give up and go along with it anyway.  It'll still turn out.

Fold the heart in half again, along the crease you made when you cut out the shape and then open it back up.

See the cool pattern?  My 4 year old said it looked like a butterfly inside a heart...and it does.

I taped them to the back splash in our kitchen.  'Cause who doesn't love a
view of colourful hearts while they're cooking?

The second craft is a bit more detailed and for kids ages 4 and up.  It's a card. I'm stretching my creative vision here you guys.  I actually made this one up myself.  There was no googling involved here.

You will need:

1 piece of construction paper
1 photo of the child with the person they're giving the valentine to
old magazines
scissors (here's where you can become not-so-weirdly controlling and cut the pictures out yourself if you're so inclined)
black marker
foam letters (optional)

Have your child pick out the colour of construction paper (fold it in half like a card)

Glue the picture on the front of the card and with the foam letters or you or your child's writing write a Valentine's type message along the top, above the picture.

We used foam letters that said 'Be Mine'.

Adrian was all of 8 months here...this card is for his Daddy.  Obviously.
We also put those stick jewel things on them too for more colour and pizzazz.
Who doesn't love a little pizzazz?

Ask your child what his favourite things are about the person he's giving his valentine's day card to.

In our case it is:

This is SUPPOSED to say What DOES Adrian love about Daddy best...
but doing crafts with 2 crazy kids makes your brain do funny things.  

Adrian loves the following things about John:

"That he loves me"
"That he hugs me"
"That he plays trains with me"


Go through the magazines with your kids and have them pick out pictures that remind them of the person they're giving the card to.

Ours has a cup of coffee, a snowman, a dog with shoes (Adrian picked that one not because we have a dog but because the dog was wearing shoes...and he looked funny), there's a piece of marble cheese and a couple in bed (that actually look quite annoyed with each other but you can't tell looking here) and a picture of a beautiful young red headed model.  Apparently my son is aware my husband has a thing for redheads...or perhaps he's inherited the same attraction.

There you are!

Have fun doing the crafts with your kiddos and enjoy your love day with each other!


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Galit Breen said...

Cute, cute, and more cute! Love these CRAFTY ideas! :)