Monday, September 26, 2011

I see you drivin' round town....

About 12 years ago (I was in college - I can't believe I can say 12 years ago and I wasn't in diapers then - this getting older this really creeps up on a person.  I don't like it.)

Anyway.  12 years ago I was driving home from college in my awesome 1988 Burgundy Ford Tempo named Scarlet, (yes, I named my cars don't you? - my last car was red too and I named her Ruby.  I have a thing for hues) when I slowed down to stop for a red light (this is always a good idea).  There was a woman in front of me and she was seriously rocking OUT to whatever tune was playing in her car.

The hair was flying, her head was practically banging against her steering wheel.

I was alarmed at first.  Thinking to myself that this person obviously was in no shape to be driving.

A few moments later I ended up passing this woman and glanced at her as my peppy Tempo picked up speed.

She was loving life. L.o.v.i.n.g. I.T.  She had stopped throwing her head around like a maniac at this point (thank God) but she was singing SO enthusiastically and with such a big smile on her face that I could do nothing else but admire her joie de vivre, her unabashed love for her music.

She quite honestly made my day.  I never forgot about that incident.

Now, I've always been one to sing along to music much to the chagrin of my ex-boyfriend (good thing he's an ex-boyfriend and I married a man EXACTLY like me in this way).  Yes, this ex-boyfriend would actually get annoyed when I would sing along to the lyrics (and I'm not one of those people that pretends to know the words to a song and looks like a complete idiot while doing so - no I'm not.  And actually?  I'm not that bad of a singer either.  But please don't think I'm one of those delusional crazies like on American Idol that believes they can sing like Beyonce and then sounds like a cat in really!  I mean I don't actually think I sound like Beyonce per se...but I'm not bad. We should totally go do Karoke sometime.  You'll see.)

So, I'm out the other day driving around doing errands with the boys.  I have the tunes turned up (not too loud so as to deafen my babies of-course) and Forget You by Cee Lo Green comes on.

"I see you drivin' round town with the girl I love and I'm like forget you!  Oo-oo-oo!"
(Does anyone else think the line "I guess he's an X-Box and I'm more Atari" is as genious as I do?)

It's a gorgeous afternoon and the windows are all down.  We're stopped at a red light.

And this is when I realize...I have a little bit in common with head banging lady, except I'm more of an enthusiastic head bopper.  Oh and I may dance around in my seat just a little bit.  

There may or may not be hand and arm gestures involved.  

At times.  

And, well, I kinda can't help but exuberantly belt out songs that I love.

And that song?

I luuuuurrrrve.

So it was with little surprise that I turned to look out my driver's seat window to see....

An elderly couple, probably close to 80, smiling, pointing and laughing...and looking right at me.  

I know they weren't laughing at me.  

(Of-course they weren't.)

What did I do, you ask?

Did I slump in my seat from embarrassment?

Did I quickly avert my eyes and pretend that I didn't see them?

Did I stop dancing in my seat and singing with extreme exuberance?

No. No and no.

I did not.

I wasn't the least bit embarrassed. (believe me, I've had much worse embarrassments than this - like the time I met my future husband and the other time when I was rummaging through my purse on an escalator with a bunch of strangers and half a box of tampons came flying out landing at the feet of these people...who may or may not have also been pinged in the chest by one)

I simply kept singing and bopping along, smiled at them as the light turned green and raised my hand in friendly wave.

And you know what?  I don't care if they were laughing at me (I'm sure they weren't) because seeing those sweet wrinkly faces me?  Made my day.

I hope I made theirs too.

Even if they were laughing at me.  (No.  I'm definitely sure they were not)


Shell said...

nah, not laughing at you.

I sing and dance in the car, too. I figure that I just don't care who sees. :)

paradigmjohn said...

Never stop singing my sweets!

Ado @ The Momalog said...

Oh I just LOVED this post. I smiled the whole time reading it. AND OF COURSE IT'S THAT SONG FORGET YOU! OF COURRRRSSSE! I have done the same thing in MY minivan!
That elderly couple could appreciate your youth! And thank God, so could you!
PS: I am still having a hard time moving you out of Oz and into Canada but it is a move that will take some time. (-;

KLZ said...

I'm just proud you married a guy who knows how to have fun as much as you do. How could you laugh at anyone that smart?

Christi said...

Love this! I am right there with you.
I also name my cars AND had a car named Ruby! Great minds!

Amber_D said...

My first car was a Ford Tempo too! It was a 1991. It was red and none of the windows rolled down and the A/C was broken. It was a BLAST to drive in July in the South.

Also, if we lived closer we would totally have a date to do karaoke. I'm a total car singer.

Stacey said...

LOVE this!! I am big on the hand gestures and head bopping (or more shaking, I think). It really *makes* the song! :-)