Monday, August 22, 2011

A Love Moment

It's mid-afternoon on a quiet, warm, sunny Saturday.

I'm prepping for dinner as my little boys nap.  Squeezing lemon juice out of some desperate looking lemons.

Never judge a lemon's insides by it's outsides I found out.  They were still full of tart juiciness.

John is out, doing whatever it is he does outside the house.  Things that I never do, like weeding, mowing the lawn, watering the grass, moving things about in the garage.

I hear a little voice behind me...."Mummaaa?"

I turn around with an expectant smile and see my big boy's flushed face cheeks pink and creased from deep sleep, messy damp curls and sleepy big blue eyes.  I can always 'feel' my heart get bigger when I see my children, if that's even possible.  There's the term "heart swells" and that's exactly what happens....

He's dressed only in his Buzz Lightyear underroos holding his favourite yellow cozy close to his face, standing halfway down the stairs, peering at me through the oak wood railing spindles.

"Hi baby!"

"Can you come get me?" he asks in his small, sleepy little boy voice.

I climb the stairs and gather into my arms all of his big boyness, placing my nose in the sweet, soft crook between his neck and shoulders, inhaling his boy-child essence of sunscreen, baby shampoo and outdoors.

His arms immediately wrap around my neck as his legs hug my waist.

And as always he places his cheek to my shoulder, face out.

For some reason he always wants me to carry him down the stairs, upon waking in the morning or after nap time.

And I don't question it.


Because it's the sweetest part of my day.


Amber_D said...

Anders does this on occasion as well. I too hurry up the stairs, happy to carry him down. Who knows how long they will keep allowing us to do that or how long we'll be physically able for that matter.

Kind of makes me weepy thinking about it.

Lisa said...

PJ always wants to be picked up immediately after waking. And he also puts his cheek on my shoulder to face out. I love it. :)

Alex | Perfecting Dad said...

That's a gorgeous story. I love your writing.