Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweeter than Apple Pie

I was getting Adrian all 'comfy' for bedtime after reading 3 stories, settling his Lamby, Froggy Doggy 2, and Lily Bear in line near the crook of his neck and lying his yellow cozy, then blue cozy on top of his ever growing 3 year old baby-boy body.

As I pulled up the last bit of comfiness (his comforter) I asked him, "Do you want Mummy to lay down with you tonight?" knowing the answer already.

It's always yes.  In fact I'm basically a prisoner of my son's room until he eventually surrenders to the sleep Gods.

"Yes Mumma.  Lay down."  He pats the pillow beside his.  My pillow.  He does this every night....pats my pillow if I haven't already laid my head next to his.

"Why do you want Mummy to lay down with you every night?"  I also know the answer to this question too.

But I love hearing it.  A Mother never tires of hearing those words.

I settle in, pulling his fleece Spiderman blanket over my legs then laying my head down next to his.  We're are facing one another.

His big blue eyes lock onto mine and with a small smile on his lips he says,

"Because I love you."  

"You are so sweet.  I love you too."

"No, you're sweet."

"You're as sweet as pie."

"You're as sweet as...apples."

Now if that ain't sweeter than apple pie....I'm not sure what is.


Stephanie said...

awwww...I mean just...awwww...what a little sweetie pie (if you'll please excuse the pun!)! My 2 yr old is still pretty snuggly and I hope she doesn't grow out of it anytime soon!

Lisa said...

I also stay with PJ till he falls asleep. He always has to touch me on my arm, or hand until he does, and sometimes when it takes long I get annoyed, but usually I love it and cherish those moments.

January Dawn said...

Thanks Stephanie...there's is really nothing better than snuggles with your children and I too hope that he doesn't grow out of it soon too!

Lisa - I feel the same way some nights - I could be doing something productive ... but in the end we'll end up longing for those night time cuddles when their grown up with babies of their own. That's so adorable that PJ has to touch your arm or hand. Adrian does that occasionally too.

Ellen said...

Even as a mature (ahem) adult I still want to touch the ones I trust and love. It's the ultimate evidence of something beyond words.