Monday, May 16, 2011

Smiles between the Cries

The past few days we've been cooped up in the house thanks to the apparent fact that Mother Nature has forgotten about the spring rhyme, April showers bring May flowers and has decided instead that April showers will bring May misery.  My patience is waning and my nerves are a jangling.  Actually truth be told my patience waned about 2 days ago when I thought I might lose my mind and decided to scream into a pillow instead of at my family lest my husband turn me into a mental institution.  The screaming into a pillow?  Not such a good idea.  Although it did make me feel better for a time, I now have a sore throat and broken blood vessels around my eyes.   Not the best look for me.

I like to focus my blog on the good things mixed in with the trials and tribulations with a dash of humour but I'm afraid my humour has run away with my patience, so I've resorted to looking at funny videos of my kids because when all is said and done...funny videos of your kids are ... well, pretty uplifting even when you feel you can't handle them for one more minute.  They're a good reminder that not all days are pure torment as they have been lately.  They actually do make me laugh between the tantrums, whining and demanding as I walk a tight rope of desperate emotions and the very urgent need to get into my car and drive far, far away...if just for a day or two.

If you're having the same kind of week as me than I encourage you to do the same.  I did attempt to upload some recent funny videos of my children taken via Photobooth but because Blogger is seriously screwing with me (and every other Blogger blogger) they aren't uploading properly.  Like I need something else to get on my last nerve.  

I've decided instead to upload some fun pictures that we took a few days last week, and if Blogger ever decides to get their shit together you might see the video some time in the future ... but please don't hold your breath.

I don't need anyone dying on me.  

Until then, I will leave you with these.  

Photobooth = Lots 'o Fun


Sarah said...

I love this!! I feel like I was reading my own words this week!! We must live in the same part of the country. Either that or Mother Nature is being evil everywhere! Your boys are absolutely adorable. So happy that I found you on BloggyMoms!!

January Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping in Sarah!!! It's been a rough go of it this season and I think all Mother's are suffering the wrath of Mother Nature. Not sure what her problem is but I hope she gets over it pretty damn soon! ;)

Laura said...

Hang in there, girl. I felt this so strongly the week before last. I thought I couldn't take any more. thinking of you. And the photos? Darling and funny!

A(n) (un)Common Family (it's not letting me post under anything but Google!)

BeaderBubbe said...

Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog...I was a stay at home mom and it was a wonderful time in my life...Here on the East coast we have rain, only rain and nothing but rain...the flowers look great....but it will stop and soon we will be having some other kind of weather to complain about....have a great week despite the weather...:)

Mommy Nani Booboo said...

I have SO done the screaming into a pillow thing.
And your pictures actually did brighten my day... so, thanks. :)

Ado said...

I have a theory that once you become a mom your karma speeds up, esp. in the area of fleeting judgements of other moms. For ex., I've noticed that the minute I think "Oh MY child would never bite/make an ass out of themselves like that/push another kid/spit/pee behind a tree/insert horrifying new thing here..." - about a week later, my kid does that exact same thing. So I've learned to really limit my own natural urge to judge the shit out of other moms - not because I am a decent person, more because I am interested in self-preservation. (-: A great post.