Saturday, May 14, 2011

If Only Money Grew on Trees

On a late rainy Saturday afternoon as I was cooking dinner, John tended to the little one snacking away on some raisins (Shudder.  I just don't get the appeal of raisins.  Never have.  Never will.  But my kids eat them by the pound) as my 3 year old sat beside him oohing and aahhing over the Toys R Us flyer.

He points at an action figure and says to no one in particular, "This is a Star Wars action figure or sump'ing, probly"  First of all, no idea how he even knows about Star Wars as he's never watched the movies in his life....and second using the words 'probably' and 'or something' randomly in sentences is something he's taken to doing a lot lately.

He points to another toy, and says, "Oh!  I like this!  I want to buy this one Daddy!"

John, "You do?  Where's your money Aidy?  You need money if you want to buy it."

Long pause.

.........still quiet.

Adrian says softly, "Daddy?.....You have money."

And so it begins.


Anonymous said...

I get......"if I break it, you can just buy another one":)


Ellen said...

And if Daddy doesn't have the money we'll just look in Mummy's "moneypocket".

Alex | Perfecting Dad said...

Adrian got to get his-self a job.

middle child said...

Had to follow you after I saw your "name" in the comment section of a blog. See..My daughter's name is Dawn and she was born in January. Really, did I have a choice?

January Dawn said...

@middle child - thanks for stopping in and welcome to my humble blog! I guess you didn't have a choice with those coincidences. Love when stuff like that happens!