Sunday, April 3, 2011

Help a Mother Out

I was driving from the grocery store the other day and saw a sight that warmed my heart, made me contemplate and just as quickly made me laugh out loud.

It was of a father pushing a stroller...not just any stroller.  It was a twin, double the bassinet know that only itty bitty babies can fit in.

At first I wondered to myself, why is it when I see a father pushing a stroller does my heart melt?  My heart certainly doesn't do the same when I see other Mom's and their little ones.  Of-course that's a much, much more common scene to take in.  A Mother pushing a stroller....I see it  probably a half a dozen times a day here in suburbia.  Is that why my heart goes to mush when I see babies with their daddy's?  Is it a novelty?  And should it be THAT much of an anomaly especially in this day and age?  The thought made me feel a I unintentionally supporting a double standard here with my mushy heart feelings of seeing what should be in every sense of the word "normal"?

I remember about 5 or 6 years ago (BK) seeing 2 dad's with their babies in strollers talking a walk down the street and chatting together.  Though I was thoroughly touched by the scene it struck me as unusual even then.  Maybe I'm just living in very conservative cities....would this picture be considered "the norm" in the big cities, New York, San Francisco or Montreal?  Would anyone even bat an eye to see a Dad pushing a stroller there?

My husband certainly takes the boys out in their strollers for walks with our dog occasionally (the occasion of which my dear husband recognizes I need some quiet time AND I NEED IT NOW!)  Thinking about him meandering along with the boys all tucked into the double stroller with our dog Riley by his side does make my heart go all aflutter.

The image that came to mind immediately after seeing the father of twin babies (upon which my insides went all warm and fuzzy conflicting with my inner struggle of my very deep thoughts) was of the mother of the 2 little babes at home, going batshit bananas on her husband because she hasn't had a fraction of a moment to herself let alone a shower or something to eat all day...he probably was happy to get out of the fact he probably RAN out the door, to save not only his wife's sanity but his own precious life.

I guess the message of this post is for the Dad's.  Get your butt's out there more often with the babes to give that tired, cranky wife of yours a break.

And so I don't have to think so damn much.

The most important thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
-- Theodore M. Hesburgh

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.
-- Author Unknown

*BK (Before Kids)


Ellen said...

Very funny GG. Now let me ask you a question - how do you feel when you see a woman mowing the lawn?

January Dawn said...

Well, that's a great question Mum. I guess I think it too is an uncommon scene but that's some serious hard labour! ;)

Perfect Dad said...

Burned by commenter Ellen (is she your mom or your husband?) Nice one. January, bet you're feelin' guilty now aren't you :)

So today I actually was out with two of the kids. Both are getting over some gastro. So I thought they were over with it and I decided to take them for something special, the local Pizza Hut lunch buffet. We ate pizza, colored, made up stories. The older boy got in serious trouble for getting help from an adult to load up on cinnamon bites and then leaving without saying thank you.

We drove home. The younger boy suddenly looked really bad so I asked him, "Are you ok, do you need to barf?". He said "No, I'm just sleepy." I said, "If you need to barf then tell me, I'll stop the car and you can barf outside.". He said no.

10 seconds later he let loose the technicolor yawn onto the back seat and door. I just got back home and my hands still stink from cleaning it up. Blech.

January Dawn said...

Haha Alex. That's my mom and she's always been good at putting me in my place but at least I can make her laugh. I'm very sorry to hear about the technicoloured yawn situation, NEVER fun. I hope your little one feels better soon!


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