Monday, March 28, 2011

That's me! A Lazy, Leash Lovin' Mumma!

I read an article last night...all right, I admit, I just skimmed through it and went directly to the comments to see what others thought of this very accusatory, ridiculous piece of "literature".  I almost don't want to place a link to it here because that would mean I'm supporting them in some way but for all of you taking the time to read my article, take a moment and skim this, trust me it won't even take that long;  Leashing your child makes you a LAZY parent! (so that wasn't exactly the title - it was titled "Would you leash your child?")

And yes, yes I have "leashed" my child.  This article is particularly annoying to me because it's assuming a few things...and as my Mother always taught me, never, ever assume because assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME.

The writer clearly states that although she's not outright calling us "bad parents" but parents that leash their children are lazy.  Oh, thank you for sparing me the ultimate insult of calling me a terrible parent but  if you want to really tick me off you can call me lazy.  Secondly, she only has ONE child.  ONE.  Anyone that has 2 or more children knows that having one child is a heck of lot easier than having 2, 3, or more.  It's also a heck of a lot easier keeping your eye out on one child because although us Mother's like to tell our children we have "eyes in the back of our heads", unfortunately (or fortunately as no one would like to resemble a creepy alien-like creature) we do not.  Thirdly, I think (though I will not assume) that she's assuming all of us lazy leash using parents use them at all times, in all places.  Maybe I could be totally wrong but that's the feeling I get reading this back.

The half a dozen times that the leash has come in handy ( I will tell you right now that Adrian who was 2 at the time actually LIKED his back pack horsey leash) have been when I've had to take the odd mandatory trip to the mall or store and I know he will freak out if left in the stroller or cart for longer than 10 minutes.  Excuse me for not wanting the added stress of taking a field trip with 2 children and having to deal with one that won't stop screaming.  I'm sure other people appreciated that too.

The times I have used the leash I received many smiles from strangers (mostly from amusement I'm sure), inquiries from other parents as to where I bought my leash and comments about what a great idea because it not only allows your child to walk and get a bit of exercise it also keeps them safe.  Now, this author also assumed that us lazy parents don't want to teach our children to "behave" and stay by our sides at all times when in public.  I guess she had a perfect toddler that always listened to everything she said or her child miraculously skipped toddlerhood entirely.  She must be a perfect parent too.

I almost posted a comment on her very judgemental article but then saw that about 50 others had firmly put her in her place as it was.  I have recently made the decision to try to NOT to judge other bloggers by also putting my own judgement on them.

Instead I'll write an entire blog entry about it for those that actually want to read about my thoughts, insights and stories of my life.

I will conclude this by quoting the brilliant Forrest Gump "and that's I have to say about that."


Perfect Dad said...

I don't have one but I like the leashes. I actually want to invent a "better leash" but I need an engineer with some spare cycles. So what did they say was the non-lazy and preferred way to handle the child? Hand holding or stroller only? Backpack? Chloroform? Hired litter carriers?

Tanya said...

The only thing that would have made that post "perfect" in my eyes, is that if you would have dropped an "F" bomb!! GO MAMMA SODEN!! :P

January Dawn said...

Alex, she was all about the umbrella stroller....because we all know how kids LOVE those. I'm not sure how using a stroller is LESS lazy than using a leash.

T - of-course you would love it if I dropped the F-bomb! You kill me.

Perfect Dad said...

I know why it's less lazy: Because the wheels lock up or don't steer, the kid has to be crammed in against his will, they have no storage so you need to carry everything on your shoulder, you have to beat and smash to get them folded, and finally you have to buckle the child in with only one hand after you crushed a finger putting the stroller away.

It's so obvious now.

Ellen said...

Whoever wrote the article about parents who use leashes on their children being lazy must have been desperate for something to write that day. What a crock of doodoo.