Monday, March 28, 2011

Puke, Poop and Pedialyte

It was a puke, poop and Pedialyte filled day last Thursday.  I could have written a whole blog entry about it but since we all know how awesome it feels when you are spewing out both ends I decided to spare you all the grisly details.  That and the fact that the mere thought of vomit puts my gag reflex into overload (which tells you how great I am dealing with my 3 year old throwing up in my hands at 2 am to  save my white comforter).  I not only spared you but myself.

You can thank me in my comment section if you wish.

I'll just leave you with this sweet but oh so sad picture of what my boys looked like all day long.  I hated seeing them so sick, with such little energy but at the same time, since I was up all night dealing with Mr Pukey and Mr Poopy I was so exhausted that it was my only saving grace to get through the day.  Instead we all hung out, watched movies between napping, as they drank gallons of Pedialyte and ate pretty much nothing at all.

I'm happy to report that today they are healthy, happy and hyper once again.
My sickies.  


Ellen said...

OMG GG - they look so darling.

Ellen said...

This is Thursday morning. I started to feel chills at work on the midnight shift at around 4:00 a.m. Monday morning. Ate nothing but dry toast and oatmeal until last night when I had an A&W Mamaburger. Flipped from chills to sweaty to achy to nauseated for 3 days. Still managed to work my full-time job and fulfill my obligations for my business accounts but moving very slow. Jorge says I'm a helluva woman and I think he's right. :)