Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is this what YOU would call a tantrum?

As I've mentioned before, my 2 boys could NOT be any more different.  And I absolutely love it.  Both my boys have big personalities but they show them in totally different ways.  Adrian has an extremely fiery spirit with a dramatic flair and Finley is an easy going, funny, independant little guy.  They've both shown these traits from the moment they were incubating in my belly.  Adrian was a kicker and a mover, at times I felt like he was beating me up from the inside out.  Finley moved of-course but always more like gently rolling.  He never made me suddenly grab my big belly and yell out randomly in public places "OH! Ouch! Yikes! AH!"

Not one time.  Thank you for that Fin.

Now that he's almost 17 months he is showing a bit more of his "spirited" side.

He has yet to throw what I would consider a tantrum.  I'm pretty sure Adrian had about a thousand tantrums by this when I see Finley have a "fit" because something might not be going his makes me giggle.  A little bit.

Okay, a lot.

Is that bad?

I will share with you an example of what would be considered Fin's tantrum.  He was frustrated trying unsuccessfully to "fix" the handle on the play fake food container.

**As a side note, I highly recommend NEVER buying play fake food for your children...especially if you have a dog.  It ends up that the "cereal boxes" get crushed or fall apart the first time the kids play with them upon which your children will ask you to continually keep putting them back together (until the 50th time when you get fed up and/or smart and throw them all out when they're napping) and the kajillion fake french fries that come with it end up in the most obscure places (ie; in a plant or in the drawer under the stove where you keep your pots and pans) or your dog eats the pear which she ends up throwing, not on your hardwood floors (where it would be easy to clean up) but on an area rug where it's next to impossible to get all the tiny green chewed up plastic pieces out.  So if you decide not to heed my advice...well, don't say I didn't warn you.**

So tell what age did your little ones start showing their "spirited" side?


Attila said...

Hahahaha, that's awesome, Jan! I wish Branden was like that! I think he has more of Aidy's tantrum's in him. Just throws himself down and kicks and screams and destroys everything!

Ellen said...

No, that's not a tantrum...that is sheer frustration at a stupidly made thing. Funny as heck though.

Perfect Dad said...

Hi January,

I didn't find a contact page but wanted to let you know that I commented on this post. I asked why you didn't help the little guy.

I'm not sure if I failed to press "Post" correctly or if you deleted it. If you deleted it, I'd appreciate a quick note because I do have you on my reader, and do read your posts, and when I want to say something or find out more from you then I come by to ask. I think I'm a good commenter and I try to start or participate in discussions. I made a point of reading your blog specifically because you're new (like I am to this genre) and I want to support you, hoping also that I'll get a little support once in a while. Anyway, please just let me know if you don't want me to comment, or don't like that kind of comment of whatever so that I don't spend time doing something you don't want.

Or maybe I failed to press the post button correctly!

I hope that we can each support each other by commenting on each other's blogs and promoting posts that are interesting.

Like I said, there is no contact page here, so please feel free to delete this comment once you've read it.

Thanks for writing this blog! It's a nice one.