Saturday, February 19, 2011

Full Moon = Good Scapegoat

It's a been a few days since my last post and I'll chalk it up to the full moon.

Friday again.

I was feeling itchy from the inside out.  It wasn't a bad day at all but nearing the late afternoon the little things were starting to drive me a little crazy.  Adrian knows how to do little things that annoy me.  Like raspberries (not the food) on my just cleaned mirrored front hall closet...then smearing his little hand through it.  Lovely.  Throwing toys...but doing it behind my back so I couldn't be totally sure it was him, making Riley so hyper that they're crashing into all the furniture, fur's flying and she's grabbing and shaking toys, blankets and stuffed animals which results in destruction or me having to add yet another item to my ever growing pile of laundry or dishes.

On top of that someone was supposed be home early from work but didn't end up getting in the door until 6.  I get it.  He has to work for a living.  I just hate the expectation of thinking that he's going to be home any minute and then 2 hours later...I'm still waiting.

No biggie.  I'm over it.

Of-course the kids were starving (as was I) so I ended up feeding them random food.  Like cheese, broccoli and cranberry, pumpkin seed crackers.  Leftover mushroom rice, grapes and ham.  You know, the usual 4 square meal.

What?  There was meat, dairy, grains, fruits and veggies.

I end up snacking on a crackers and cheese so that when John got home I wasn't really hungry and totally NOT in the mood to cook.  And a tad bit irritable.  I admit it.

We had fun playing with the boys after dinner.  Then it was story time and bed time for the boys.

Ahhhhh.  Friday night can begin.

Except I still was feeling a bit annoyed.  Nobody's fault really.  I'll blame it on the full moon again.

It's 8:30 pm and we've vegged out on the couch but I'm starving.  I suppose I could have made something  to eat but the walls were starting to close in on me.  Keep in mind I literally have not have any time to myself (outside of my house - except some grocery shopping  but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count right?) since....well the beginning of December.....when I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico...for my best friend's gorgeous myself....for 4 days....

Just wait....I'm going to my happy place now.


Okay, back to reality.  I grabbed the keys and off I went.

I crank the music and start driving.  I am so hungry my stomach is starting to feel like it's eating itself.   I then realize I'm wearing pajama pants which really limits where I can get something relatively healthy to eat.  McDonald's...Wendy's....and Dairy Queen are the only options I have.  I suppose I could've gone into an Extreme Pita or Subway in my pj's but the odd looks I quite possibly would've gotten might've pushed me over the edge.  Then I would've been thought of as really crazy....or maybe the employees would have just rolled their eyes and said to each other as I walked out "Well, it IS a full moon".

I wasn't taking any chances.

I sighed.

McDonald's it was.  Now, I admit it, I thoroughly enjoy a McDonald's cheeseburger every so often.  I craved them with both my pregnancies but something came over me when I got to the drive thru.  I ordered a salad....from McDonald's!   It must be all the guilt of not renewing my gym membership 2 months ago.  I'm not feeling particularly great about myself.  I know I look fine however I'm just not used to very little exercise and it's starting to effect my mind. But no, hold on a sec.... don't be too proud of me for my healthy choice.  I ordered a Hot Fudge Sundae....with extra sauce and peanuts.  Just in case the salad didn't have quite the ol' stick to the ribs feeling I was hoping for.

I wasn't ready to head home yet.  I think my husband was a little relieved that I'd left the house and he didn't have to deal with my mood but I'm sure he thought I had gone to look for a better husband.  Don't worry honey.  There's no one better than you.

I pulled into a parking lot overlooking a park and Lake Huron.  I tolerated my salad and relished my sundae while listening to the radio and hoped a curious police officer didn't think I looked too suspicious.  Imagine, an officer coming to the window of my truck only to find a slightly disheveled 30 something year old woman in her pj's, scarfing down a chocolate sundae while blasting the week's Top 40.  What a site to behold right?  

I looked up at the full moon as a song came on that reminded me of the good old Joe Kool's days.  A very popular bar in London that my husband and I would frequent with friends every Friday night BK (our term for Before Kids)

I had to laugh to myself as I started up the truck and pulled out of the parking lot, cranking up the radio to Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love Again" hands tapping at the steering wheel as I made my way home.

Oh, how my Friday nights have changed in a short 5 years.


Ellen said...

You didn't say but I'm sure you took a salad and sundae home for John....? :)

Tanya said...

I would have ordered a pizza...or went in anywhere with my PJ's on...who cares! I go to Walmart with PJ bottoms on, I ironically where PJ bottoms to the laundrymat too! LOL Promise me next time you need food and a little drive alone, you'll go in in your PJ's...! Then blog about...

January Dawn said...

T - I don't know why but I just can't do it!!!

Ellen said...

No offense to Tanya but thank you January for not doing that. You probably don't do it because you've seen others do it and frankly, some of them look like trailer trasher or "Wal-Martians" I think they're called.

Attila said...

Hahaha, so true! At the very best now, Csilla and I get home from a rare dinner out at a time (say 8:00PM) that we used to get ready to gou out in the old days!!