Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Bother!

Like everyone else, there are a few things that bother me in this world.  I'll share with you some examples:

1)  When I see parents or anyone smoking in their cars with kids, I don't care if they're 3 or 13. So many kinds of wrong there, you don't even want to get me started.

2)  Parents or anyone driving recklessly and/or speeding, again, with kids in the car...or not.  Especially when I'm sharing the road with them.  With my kids in the car.  Precious cargo you know?

3)  Littering drives me absolutely mental.  I honestly feel like I could go Michael Douglas "Falling Down" crazy if I see someone litter.  You must be completely and utterly ignorant to litter in this day and age.

Okay, so those are the big three, my top most hated things that (shockingly) still happen in this crazy world.

One that is not as disturbing but still quite bothersome to me is food wastage.  Wasting food distresses me so much that when I am peeling an onion I will do all I can to get that pestery onion skin off without wasting the outer layer of onion.  I see Rachael Ray and other chefs just rip into it without a second thought and it honest to God upsets me.

I know.  I might need therapy.

Wasting food drives me so nuts that I sit here typing beside my son's very cold broccoli and perogies from dinner.  Four small pieces of broccoli and half a perogy with a dollop of sour cream still sit sadly here, on my dining room table. I was hoping upon hope that he would finish it.

I don't know where this complex came from.  It's not like my Mum was ever weird about wasting food that I can remember.  I mean, we had enough growing up.  There was always good food on the table, we certainly never went without that.  Okay, so I never had the latest trendy clothes.  I'm still waiting for Tretorns to come back into style so that I can finally get to wear them.  Although, I did get a Coconut Joe sweater for Christmas one year.  It was purple with red writing. Alright so maybe it was a year out of style but whatever.  I still loved it and wore it.  ALL. THE. TIME.

I know food wastage drives my husband crazy too.....he sees it as money being thrown away.  It's one and the same as far as I'm concerned.

So, this morning when I opened the freezer door and grabbed some waffles for Adrian's breakfast only to find them as limp as a wet noodle....I absolutely panicked.  I started grabbing everything in the freezer in a complete and utter frenzy to see if they too were thawed out.


EVERYTHING was pretty much thawed out.

The temperature of the freezer and fridge themselves didn't seem too bad.  It was cold....just not cold enough.

I yelled up to my husband "HONEY!  THE FRIDGE IS BROKEN!" and he came running down in a state of alarm, saying something about the condenser.  It's less than 3 years old for crying out loud!  Of-course looking into it, the warranty is up too.

Great, we said to each other.  What a way to start the morning.

First we couldn't find Adrian's Iron Man costume anywhere for hours (it seemed....to us and I'm sure to him) which resulted in a fixation that couldn't be dissuaded along with a couple of meltdowns until John finally found it (thank you, thank you!) and now this.

I packed up all dairy and meat and put it in the garage.  Although I'm pretty sure it's futile at this point because we can't get anyone to look at our fridge until tomorrow at who knows what time.  And I'm convinced that some kind of creepy, starving rodent will find it's way into the garage and eat it all before morning comes even though my husband tried to convince me that any rodent would freeze to death out there.

Well!  I saw rabbits the other day!

Okay, maybe not a rodent but close enough.

Oh man.

At least I have my luke warm white wine to console me.

It's cold.



Ellen said...

Love your top three's and you're right about the food wastage with me...I never felt the need to get that last dollop of peanut butter out of the jar. I also remember the Coconut Joe Sweatshirt that you really did wear all the time. I'm sure there's a span of months where every picture ever taken of you has that sweatshirt in it. I don't even remember anything called Tretorns being an issue but I'll assume they're shoes or boots. Good luck with the fridge.

Erin said...

Jan - it's your best friend from Vancouver with some good news for you - Tretorn's ARE back in style now! There's actually a store in NYC (the hippest of ALL hip places) that solely (no pun intended) sells Tretorns. I actually have a pair from my last trip. Great news, eh?!?! :)