Monday, January 31, 2011

Spiders, Snakes and Superheroes...OH MY!

Today I had a 12 foot Albino Burmese Python in my house.  And a Blue Tongue Skink, an Alligator, a Tortoise, a Bearded Dragon,  a Crested Gecko and a Tarantula...ironically named Rosie.  I shiver when I think of that Tarantula....something about an insect as big as my hand with fur and way too many legs makes my heart fill with an irrational fear.  But give me a 60 pound snake that is more than twice my size and I'll wrap that baby around me and love every minute of it!

Have I got your attention now?!  Well, I'll fill you of the greatest things about being a parent is throwing really cool birthday parties for your kids while simultaneously getting to relive your childhood.  So, I decided for Adrian's 3rd birthday party I would hire the Travelling Reptile Show to come to my house and give everyone a little show and tell on these amazing creatures.  Now, the reaction that I got from my Mum and Mother-In-Law was a subtle but very clear message....that I must be a little bit out of my mind letting poisonous, rabid animals with sharp teeth and an instinct to kill, in my house.  But I've always loved reptiles and never had any sort of real fear of them.  (Spiders, however, totally different story and after today it seems that my son has the same minor arachnophobia issue)
I have fond memories of going to Turtle Pond in London as a kid and bringing home garter snakes and newts and keeping them in a card board box in my back yard - hell would have to freeze over for my Mum to let me step foot in her house with such creep crawlies.  And in a sick way I actually got a kick out of scaring my friends with these creatures....I chased a girlfriend down the street with a (very small) snake wrapped around my finger once...Jen, if you're reading sincerest regrets.  Long overdue, I know, and I hope I didn't scar you for life.

So after the really awesome reptile show was over, my son (aka "Batman" - he was dressed in his Hallowe'en he is every other day of the week and I must say he does the best Batman impression  "I'm Batman" low whisper and all.  Kills me!) was beside himself about having his "Cool, Superhero Cake".  Let me tell you, this cake/work of art was the coolest!  My neighbour friend, Csilla, has an amazing talent of making truly one of a kind cakes.  This one had a chocolate Spiderman coming out of the top, Gotham City with the Batman logo on the side and Iron Man cupcakes around it to boot!  My son was in Superhero heaven!

Now, I'm no clean freak (although my best friend Erin would adamantly disagree) but I do have one stern rule in my house.  No (children) eating anywhere other than the kitchen table...okay the occasional dish of raisins, piece of non-messy fruit or bagel (with no cream cheese of-course) will make it's way down to the family room but 99% of the time food is eaten in the kitchen, at the table.  So, needless to say having 7 children high on sugar running around my house, cupcake in hand (with RED icing) put me into a minor state of panic.  I'm still finding reddish pink smears on towels and walls but I'm over it.  No really, I am.

On the party went, kids running up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs, down the stairs.....up the stairs.....down the stairs.  In the interim of the children being downstairs (while the Dad's watched "the game" why is it always "the game" no explanation needed?  It's like man code or something...) the Mom's got to enjoy a glass of wine and some adult conversation.  Until the children came stompeeding back up the stairs...and my friend Kristin loudly states "Children are to play downstairs!!" To which most of them actually listened. I love her.

Shortly after the pizza was ordered and eaten the party trickled down and out.....

My amazing husband cleaned up EVERYTHING.  He's good for that.  Mind you he probably felt bad that he was leaving in the middle of the night to a work conference in Kansas for the week but in any case, he's pretty great.

After the boys were bathed and Finley was put to bed, John sat with Adrian in his giant bean bag chair and read him about 20 books.  Just before he crawled into bed, I came in to lie down with him as requested.  As always requested.  "Mumma, lay down?"  Utterly adorable. So I lay down with him and asked him what his favourite part of the day was.   The answer was so sweet and made me so proud.  It wasn't about the reptile show that cost a million dollars or the presents that he got from us.....he said
"Eating my cake....eating my cake with Lukey sitting beside me".

I guess we've taught him something worthwhile in his very short 3 years of life.

Delicious Food + Good Friends = Great Days

What a guy!!!


Ellen said...

Simply awesome story.

Sarah said...


Tanya said...

I can really create a picture in my mind on how the day went...what a bunch! Batman RULES!!

Kristin said...

Really...."the game" ?? That MUST include kids, hence the word game!!! A fun day for all of us! Thanks Jan! xox

Csilla said...

Ahh! Very well written story once again!! And Im soo happy that we were able to be part of this very special day! and Just a lill proud of making his cake and him loving it!

Ellen said...

Csilla makes the most incredible cakes ever. She should have her own cake decorating show on The Food Network.