Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dora and Diego vs Spider Man!!!

Today is "Paint with Dora and Diego" day at a ceramics shop with my friend Kristin and her daughter Erynn!!!  I'm looking forward to it as it'll be quality time spent with my big boy which rarely happens these days.

So we arrive and are settled in at a kid sized paint splotched table.  The very friendly gentleman working there comes over and explains that we're painting a frog on a lily pad attached to a hollowed cone sized thing that you can fill with water and stick in your plants....perfect for me because I'm the plant killer in my house.  He brings us a paint tray with the colours blue, red, green and yellow.  Great!  I ask Adrian what colour he would like to paint the belly of the!  Of-course!  What colour would you like to paint his back?!  Of-course!  Makes total sense to me and as Kristin cleverly points out they are Spider Man colours.  The guy brings over some well used paint brushes and Adrian picks out a brush, dips it generously in the red paint and off he goes!  Of-course, I'm a proud Mummy and think it's just the most beautiful frog ever....until the lady that works there comes over and looks at Erynn's very well designed and perfectly painted frog and says "Wow, nice colours!  Great job!" then casts a side long glance at Adrian's frog (more like toad - sooo many colours blended together make such a beautiful shade of brown) and pretends she didn't really see, therefore, no comment needs to be made.  Well!  She clearly doesn't see that he has a God given natural artistic talent.

Dora and Diego arrive!!!  Pandemonium ensues!!!  Only because 85% of the children there are terrified, mine included.  I tell Adrian to go give Diego a high five and he gets very subdued, a quiet fear in his big blue eyes.  "No Mumma".  "Oh come on!  You love Dora and Diego!  They want to say hi to you!"  He walks a little closer, still about 100 feet away.  Dora and Diego are being attacked by the paparazzi of parents and their terrified children.  Nope.  Not going to happen, not even a shake of the hand.  I shrug.  Oh well.  He wanders over to the little sitting area and I find him engrossed in a Spider Man comic book....hmmmm.  He brings it over to me and climbs onto my lap.  "Can you read me this Mumma?"  So there I sit at a Paint with Dora and Diego event reading a Spider Man comic book to my 3 year old boy.

Might there be something wrong with this picture?


Tanya said...

Cute...ironic...! Welcome to the world of blogging my dear friend! I look forward to hearing all about the Soden Shananagans...!

kristin.campbell-hayes said...

It was a fun morning...I so wish I had discovered this place sooner. And for the record the picture...and Aidy's frog....are just perfect! xoxo

Ellen said...

I find your blog so clever - from the main title of it to the sub-titles of your stories. The writing is entertaining and demonstrates "a lot of talent" Gorgeous Girl. It's becoming my soap opera...aka...a little bit addictive.