Monday, January 31, 2011

Of Pizza, Electronics and Crazy Ladies

Today was an indoor day with the boys.  I planned on taking them to an indoor playground but we were having so much fun just hanging out at home in our pj's that 7 am turned quickly to 11 am.  John left at about 4 am to head out of town for the week. After a pretty rough night with both boys waking numerous times during the night I was exhausted.  But the morning quickly comes and so does another pot of coffee.

The best thing about the day after parties is all the leftover pizza, cake and chips.....mmmmmm.  Pizza for breakfast.  So good!  I grab a piece of pizza from the fridge, grab my massive cup of coffee from the counter and sit down at the table with the boys.  Adrian looks at me and giggles "Pizza?  Mumma that's silly!"  Says the boy munching on carrots for his breakfast.  You know, I figured out a long time ago, whatever he wants for breakfast unless it's chocolate cake (which he did try to go for this morning) he can have.  Most of the time it's waffles, raisin bread or cheerios but occasionally he'll throw in some beans for breakfast.  Today it was carrots...with ranch dressing.  Meh.

After breakfast we head down to the family room as per our usual morning routine.  Cartoons are on and the boys are pretty much doing anything but watching tv.  Adrian has stripped the couch of the cushions and is jumping onto them from the couch, being, you guessed it, a superhero.  Finley has quickly caught on and is climbing onto the couch by way of a pile of blankets only to drop back onto them from the couch.

Finley loves anything electronic, he especially loves pressing that's probably what happened when all of a sudden there's picture but no sound on the t.v.....crisis!!!  This ALWAYS happens when John's away.  So, I get on my blackberry and anxiously start texting John;

"There is a serious emergency here"

"No sound on the tv"

In the meanwhile we head back upstairs and Adrian continues to play superheroes while I try to get Finley to draw with the crayon...not eat it....restlessly awaiting John's reply.

Don't judge me.  I don't use tv as a babysitter by any means.....but sometimes I secretly wish Fin actually liked tv a little more - he really has no interest in it unless it's 4 Squares (all you parents! Sing it with me now "Hep, hep, heppity, hop!") I hope that song slithers into your brain and torments you as much as it does me some days.

Anyway, back to no sound on the tv.  John figured it out as he always does.  I married him not only for his looks but his brain works great too.  ;)

The day progresses.  And quite pleasantly I might add.  Minimal tears, lots of playing between the boys, good naps (including my much needed own), cartoon time, snacks and more playing (superheroes again) and then it's dinner!  Mmmmmm...nothing like some more leftover pizza, but this time with a side of cheesy pasta.  I did throw in some carrots and broccoli, hoping upon hope that they would make their way down the boys esophaguses.  Which, for the most part, they did.  Well, that I can't be totally sure of.  We do have a dog that likes to linger around the dinner table....although she's not much of a vegetable lover.  I'll give my babies the benefit of the doubt this time.

Bed time comes and there were some struggles as there are every night but my ultimate goal was to ensure that they were in bed and sleeping by 8 that I could watch....

The Bachelor.

Wow, that Michelle girl is really, really crazy.

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Ellen said...

You get the "electronics" handicap from me. Simply cannot work it out in my head. Pizza for breakfast AND dinner? I'll give you points for not letting food go to waste. And by the way, what's wrong with chocolate cake for breakfast????