Thursday, December 5, 2013

The cutest Button Pusher that ever was.

My head ache pounded behind my right eye and it certainly didn't help when my 4 year old son laid on top of me poking my face, pulling my face, pinching my cheeks.  And when he tired of that he found Sleepy Sheepy and began beating me with it.

For no good reason.  There is no need to have a reason to beat your Mother with your favourite stuffed animal in my child's world.

"Finley why?  Why are you doing this to Mummy?  I don't feel well.  Please be nice."

Whack.  Pokepokepoke.  Whack.

With one last whack on my legs he had mercy on me and left me alone.

For about a minute.

Again he flung his 40 plus pound body on top of mine and settled in once more, his back against my belly.

"Janawarwee.....Janawarwee!  Jaaanaaawarwee.  Jannnnaaawarrrrrweee!"

I refused to answer.

I would not.

That is not my name.

Not to my children.

But it was super damn cute.  So darn adorable I had to fight the urge to squish him into a ball and eat him.

But no.

"Janawarwee.Janawarwee. Janawarwee."

"Finley.  What is my name?"

"Janawarwee."  Well duh.  I stepped right into that one.

"No.  My other name baby doll."


"Yes.  That's right.  You call me Mommy, love."


Yep.  That's what I thought.

Ooooh the devilish deliciousness of this kid.
So, so, SO hard to stay mad at this face.

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