Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why do you love me, Mumma?

I walked into the bathroom to find you standing on your step stool brushing your teeth.  Your lanky five year old body was clad in your too small Iron Man pajamas your wrists and ankles exposed.  You met my eyes in the mirror your mouth full of strawberry flavoured foam and at once I noticed your step stool really wasn't a requirement any longer.

My mind did a silent ka-boom as my heart seemed to simultaneously expand, flip and leap into my throat at these thoughts and the sight of you.  With two short steps I hugged you and kissed your temple, "Iloveyou, Iloveyou.  I. Love. You."  I held you tight to me for a second longer.

The reaction to my not unusual spontaneous affection and your question stunned me.  "Why?"

You actually wanted me to list reasons why I loved you.  My son.  "Why?  Because you're smart and fun and funny.  You are sweet and you're a good son, a good brother and a good friend.  Because you are kind."

You seemed satisfied with my answers.  But I wasn't.  They were all true of-course but there was so entirely much more and much less to why I, as your Mother, love you.

Did I say enough?  Too much?

Did I even need to answer that question?

But of-course I did.  You asked.

You wiped your mouth, rinsed your toothbrush knocking it on the sink a couple of times just like your father does and looked up at me with pursed lips.

I leaned down and gave you a kiss, "Toothpaste kiss!" we both chimed.

I realized I could go on for forever and a day about why I love you and the things I love about you.  From your impish dimply smile, the light freckle on your left cheek, the way your 50 pound body still crawls into my lap at the dinner table or snuggles with me at night before bed, the way you love to make babies laugh by making silly faces and the look on your face when you are concentrating on printing out something on paper.  I love the softness of your cheeks, your unruly curls and the way I can still see your face as a newborn while you sleep.

But why do I love you Adrian?

Because you are my son. 

And because of that I think you are one of the most amazing creations on the face of this planet.

The reason is as pure....

                                    .... and as simple 



Ellen said...

I love your blog. It reinforces these special moments in your career as a mother with the love you have for your children and you take the reader by the hand back to their own precious memories. Thank you for that.

January Dawn said...

You're welcome. Someone once described my blog as 'stream of consciousness'...I loved that. Thank you for your lovely comment Mumma. xo