Wednesday, January 9, 2013

He Dreamed a Dream

Dreaming...what was it that he said the other night when I wished him sweet dreams at the frame of his doorway as his Twilight Turtle lit blue stars on his ceiling?

"I not have bad dreams Mummy.  I have good dreams.  'Member when I dream we on a rainbow?"

I couldn't recall him telling me about that awesome dream but I didn't let him know that.

I wanted to hear more so I walked to the side of his toddler bed and knelt down and lay my arms across the side rails that were really no longer needed but that he refused to let us take off.  Truth be 3 plus years old he still would love to sleep in a crib.

"We were on a rainbow!  Yes!"

"Yeah.  You and Daddy and A-Dree-Ann (this is how he pronounces his brothers name now, enunciating every.single.syllable. It's super duper delightful) and me.  We slide down it."

"Wow.  I do remember.  I love that dream."

"Yeah me too.  Can Kristian come?"  How sweet.  He wanted his little buddy from across the street to ride rainbows with us in the night.  

"Well of-course he can.  You want to know the best thing about dreams baby doll?"  I asked him.

"What Mummy?"  his voice was soft and sleepy and delicious.

I bent over and kissed his nose and whispered, "Anything can happen."

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