Monday, January 28, 2013


Sunday morning.  Running errands.  With the boys.  My husband was driving and high pitched whiny voices assaulted our ears continuously for what seemed like hours when it fact in had only been one.

One hour too long.

As we turned down our street the little voices of our sons' continued to pierce at our eardrums from behind us and wear us down down down.

They were...



He's me!

Are we done yet?

Are we home?

When are we going to be home?

Oh.My.GOD.  Would it ever end???  My husband's eyes and my eyes spoke with flitted glances of annoyance and eye rolling.

As we pulled into our driveway my husband asked them, "What in the world would you do without Mommy or Daddy for a whole day?  What you do?!"  A rhetorical question of-course but that which made my mind grey with dark contemplation as the truck came to a stop.

There was a silent pause as the truck was turned off when we heard our soon to be five year old son answer with quiet conviction...

"Eat chocolate."


Emily Sovich said...

Good answer!

January Dawn said...

I know right?! He's definitely my son. :)