Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cheers to the Freakin' New Year

My favourite part about January 1st - other than the fact that I've narcissistically claimed it as 'my month' since it's my name and I happened to be born during this bitterly cold month (which is the only thing that makes it tolerable) - is reflecting back on the year that's passed.  A moment, a memory, a story, an adventure.  I try to recall one of those things for each month.  And while that's not an easy task, this is why I blog.  To preserve the moments so that I can look back upon them.  Moments that otherwise may have gotten lost in the shuffle and chaos of everyday life.  Such as...

The challenges.

The beauty.

The Poetry.



Brotherly love.


Birthdays gone bad.

The heart aching sweetness.

Great Fun.

And...let's not forget about the time my husband almost lost a digit.

This year has been full of adventures and first times.

Looking back on my 2012 bucket list there were some things I did and loved doing.  I grew my first herb and vegetable garden.   I made scrumptious samosas from scratch that were heralded as so by my Indian neighbours so it must be true.

And some things that I realized I vehemently dislike and will likely never do.  Such as running more than 5-6k at a time.

But I also did lots of things I didn't list and things I didn't think I could or would do.  3.5 hour road trips by myself with 2 little ones and a dog to visit friends.  It was so much fun I don't even remember the stress if there was any.  (right).  My marriage survived an almost thumb dismemberment, which you may think is not a big deal - and it  isn't in the grand scheme of what else could go wrong in life - but it was challenging to say the least.  I even survived hosting our first Christmas dinner while feeling like I was going to croak at any minute on the kitchen floor.  Thankfully everyone pitched in while I admitted defeat when the gravy wouldn't thicken, the broccoli remained on the bbq for about 2 hours, long forgotten about and I had no clue what to do with the extra large head of cauliflower.  It was demanded of me to sit down and drink up when I told everyone somewhat hysterically to "stop asking me questions because I didn't have any answers". It ended up all fantastically delicious and even more so when my husband took a moment to say his toast and became verklempt.  Of-course then so did everyone else.

I've made new friends, kept up old and dear ones with fun trips and visits.

My eldest son started school..  Big deal.  Huge.

Yes, last year has begun many memories, traditions and I experienced many delicious moments with my sons.  Strawberry picking.  Market visits.  Zoos and beaches.  My boys are becoming of the age where their memories will begin now too which makes this year to come even more exciting.

In 2013 I shall extend my vegetable garden, take more road trips and experience new firsts.  I will continue to focus on the joy of my family and practice breathing out negativity, extending my hands and my heart to those that need it while keeping my own needs intact.  I hope to continue teaching my boys that life is what you make of it.  I liken it to a dance party where the music changes day to day from slow and melodic to upbeat and happy to melancholic and nostalgic.

Go with it, enjoy it, learn from it and move on to where the beat of your heart takes you. 

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