Friday, January 11, 2013

A Sweet and Sour Chicken Bawlish Kind of Day

Oh ho ho and a mighty hey!  Today was an early start - 6:03 to be exact.  But that's all fine and good.  It was Friday and I deemed the day to be a good one already.  'Cause I'm annoyingly positive like that on Fridays.  Even though I'm a Mom now and Fridays really mean squat.  But today?  Oh today.  Well it was full of lovely (note extreme sarcasm) ups and....

The day was peppered with good and bad.  Or sweet and sour as I'd like to so poetically put it.  I wasn't all a gong show of a shit storm.

Here's kind of how the day went:

Sweet:  My eldest wanted to do my exercise video with me.  We did the whole dern thing together.  And let me tell you - seeing your almost 5 year old do lunges and push ups is pretty freaking adorable.

Sour:  Having my 3 year old climb on me and cling to my leg like a chimpanzee as I'm doing lunges and squats.  Annoying as hell but also?  A little cute.

Sweet:  Having a play date with my littlest at my lovely neighbours home while my eldest is in school.  Bonus?   She made Smartie Cookies.

Sour:  Smartie Cookies.  There goes my morning work out.

Sweet:  Watching our little ones play together while having adult conversation (and eating cookies).  Oh and I got to hold a perfect little 6 month old baby girl.  Seeing, holding, talking to babies = major yearning uterus.

Sour:  Play date ended when child of mine decided to have a tantrum of epic proportions over ... a pear?  I'm not even sure what happened there but it was disastrous.

Sweet:  Picking up my eldest from school and getting to walk home with him just the two of us and talk about his morning while he held my hand and jumped puddles.

Sour:  Putting youngest child down for a nap as he continues to kick and scream like a wild banshee with rabies.

Sweet:  Playing Candyland and cards with my current favourite son.

Sour:  Hearing my youngest sneak down the stairs and announce he just crapped his pants.  Okay so those weren't exactly his words.  He simply said, "Poop".  And my heart sank to my toes.

Sweet:  Chatting with my BFF.

Sour:  Seeing my youngest once again sneak down the stairs  then down into the basement to watch cartoons with his brother WHEN HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING.  ARRRRRGH.

Sweet:  Finding them sitting as close as possible together on the giant sectional couch watching cartoons.

Sour:  Carrying very heavy 3 year old back up 2 flights of stairs screaming and crying because "I not tired!  IIIII NOT TIIIRRRRRED!"  Clearly.  He's not tired.  Right.

Sweet:  Quiet.  Green Tea.  Texting with friends about a girls night out for my birthday.  Party time.  Excellent.  That last saying?  Means I'm clearly cresting the hill you guys.  And if you know the origin of that saying you are too...if you're not already over it.  Because that movie was made in 1993.  WHICH WAS 2 DECADES AGO!  

Sour:  My littlest coming back down the stairs from his room where he's supposed to be sleeping.... AGAIN.

Sweet:  My neighbour texting me to invite my boys over.  Hallejuiah praise everything that is good though not so holy in an awesome neighbourhood.

Sour:  This means I actually have to be somewhat productive at home alone.  Which means I must finally tackle the 5 baskets of unfolded laundry in my room.

Sweet:  I'm folding laundry.  Sans children.  While watching adult television.

Sour:  Dinner must get made.  Children must come home.  Serenity. Ends. Now.

Sweet:  Boys behaved and had a blast.

Sour:  Forcing/Nagging Encouraging them to eat their dinner.

Sweet:  Mid dinner dance off when my eldest son asked me to dance to 'Beam me Up' by Pink.  We twirled and whirled and dipped and danced.  And then he smooched me when it ended.

Sour:  Right after that delectable dance he wanted dessert but somehow things got misconstrued and everything somehow went to hell in a handbasket. (what does that saying even mean?!)  Shit storm of major tantrum number 2 brewing at a fierce rate.

Sweet:  He eventually calmed down and made his way up the stairs.  We read books and snuggled.

Sour:  For some reason that I can't remember even though it was just over an hour ago but I probably blocked it out because ohmygodohmygod the crying!  I can't take it anymore.

Sweet:  Finley brought his big brother his giant stuffed puppy named Cuddles because 'he was crying' and then proceeded to make me the centre in a love sandwich when he climbed into bed with us instead up going back to his own bed because he didn't want Adrian to be sad but then got annoyed because he couldn't get the covers over himself just right while Adrian continued to sniffle and snuffle beside me and Cuddles the giant stuffed puppy threw his weight around on our faces.

The Sweetest:  having both of my baby boys asleep on either side of me.  Even if Cuddles the Giant Stuffed Dog practically suffocated us all.


Mel said...

Sounds like a nearly perfect mama day - that sour helps the sweet taste even better.

Rinoplasti said...
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