Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Never Dreamed That I'd Love Somebody Like You

He sat at the kitchen table quietly playing with his play-dough.  I swept the sun spilled wooden floors and music played in the back ground.  I marveled at this time with my youngest while his big brother was in school.  So peaceful, calm.  I sighed and sang softly to one of the most beautiful songs ever of my favourites, 'Wicked Game' by Chris Isaac, when his soft voice piped up and asked me this..."Why not he want to fall in love?"

He glanced at me waiting for an answer then continued squishing his superhero figurines into the play-dough.  I stopped and stared at him in amazement.

Not only was my three year old listening to the lyrics of the music.  He was pondering them.

The wonder I have towards my kids never ceases as the years move...but grows. 

When he was born, his eyes were of quiet dark blue constant contemplation.  He didn't start talking until a little bit later than most boys his age.  

He has made up for it since.  So much so sometimes that I worry about tuning out some of the poetic gems he spouts.  At merely three he speaks of silver moons, blackest shadows and melting tears. (He also cackles when you say penis, pee pee and poop too...I like to think he's well rounded)  And now, now he's asking about something far beyond what he should really be interested in knowing.  

What does a three year old know about being in love anyway?  

"Why doesn't he want to fall in love honey?"

"Yeah - but why Mummy?"

"Well.  He's singing about how he's scared to fall in love because he doesn't want to get his heart broken."

Here I am talking to my 3 year old like he's 13.  Like he has a perfect clue what I'm talking about. 

"But why?"

And then there's the why's.  Always the why's. 

"Because it hurts to have your heartbroken."

"But Adrian not hurting.  He not fall in love."  I had no idea what his older brother had to do with this conversation.  None whatsoever. And I'm not even sure what he was saying made any sense at all. But I went with it.

"No, not yet.  But someday I hope he falls in love.  I hope you both fall in love.  More than once.  It's a beautiful thing.  And sometimes you will break hearts honey.  (oh will they) And maybe you'll have your heart broken. (God help the girls that do, for the wrath of this Mama)  It's not intentional when someone breaks your heart.  Not always. "  

And so there I was rambling on and on and on to my three year old about breaking hearts and falling in love like I knew what I was doing. 

So I brought it back to simple.  "Mommy's in love with Daddy you know."

He continued quietly playing with his play dough and then said..."But I am.  I'm in love with Daddy."

Oh those words.  Oh this boy.  

I walked over, placed my hands on either side of his scrump-diddly-umptious face and kiss, kiss, kissed it.  You know those moments when you wish you could inhale the very essence of your child, hold on to it and never let it go?

This was one of those times.

"I know you are my love.  I know.  You are sweet.  You are too sweet."

So there you have it.  Turns out 3 year olds do know what being in love is all about.  

And it begins.

With us.

Such wisdom in those only 6 weeks old.

I fell in love with this little man before I ever met him.

John did too.  He is Daddy's little boy to the nth degree.

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