Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Will the Real Superheroes Please Stand Up?

The morning began a bit too early for everyone.  The house was still dark.  So dark that the dim light over the stove was just too much for my little one's eyes.

"Turn it off Mommy.  It too bright.  It hurt my eyes!"

Reasoning with him wasn't doing any good.  So I turned it off.  We became blanketed in complete darkness.

He got it then.

Adrian made his appearance minutes later with too much whining.  That hurt my ears.

My head.

My nerves.

I professionally juggled (as all Mothers do) making 2 different breakfasts, smoothies, brewing coffee and grinding coffee beans, soothing the kids and being a referee while the dog whined to be let out.  It really is quite a magical sight to behold.  Especially at such a painful hour in the morning.

After breakfast, children must get dressed of-course as one heads off to school.   This is no easy task as parents well know.  There was crying, more whining, protesting and sibling fights.  And I still hadn't had my morning coffee yet.  This is nothing out of the ordinary.  Just another morning in a house with children.

My husband, just getting out of the shower, was doing his best to help as he always does.  He met me in Finley's room while I was somewhat maniacally pulling out clothes from his drawers to dress him.  He leaned down to where I knelt and looked at me in the eye with a smile and said with utmost sincerity, "You really are some sort of superhero.  You know that right?"

I smiled back and said nothing.  It was very sweet what he said.


Great parents?  Are all superheroes as far as I'm concerned.

We just wear invisible capes.


Alex | Perfecting Dad said...

Love it!

Kristin said...

You got that right, but if my husband looked me in the eyes and said that, I think it would activate my SUPER DUPER super power, the one thats even invisible to me! What a recharging comment! How sweet to be acknowledged for all you do. Love love love that! 10 points for John!

January Dawn said...

Ha! Kristin you crack me up. I'll pass those points on to my husband. :)

Thank you Alex!