Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love Sandwich

I opened our red front door quietly.  It was 8 o'clock, surely the boys would be fast asleep.

Through the dim light from the kitchen stove I made out four chairs lined up in a row in the middle of the living room deducing that something major was spilled in the eating area at dinner time.

Or perhaps there was a game of musical chairs before bed time.

I'd hoped for the latter.

The thought made me smile.

It turned out my thoughts that beamed on positivity were true.

After putting the chairs back in their place I walked up the stairs towards our closed bedroom door. I could see the blue glow from beneath the door and hear the hum from the television.

My eldest and my husband were curled up in our bed watching a show that had singers competing against one the theme of music continued into the night as it always tends to.

"You look pretty." He looks at me with shy eyes and a small smile.  My hair was a brighter shade of red, shiny and blown out.

I place my hands on his cheeks and kiss his mouth.  "Thank you sweet love."  And then I added playfully, "Did Daddy tell you to say that?"

Not because he doesn't tell me himself.  He told me just yesterday that I was beautiful all on his own.   I'm not sure why I asked or even if I should have.  But I did.

His eyes opened a tad wider, "How did you know?"  Then again...maybe it's beneficial for us all that he believes I just know should keep him out of trouble for a while anyway.  Until he finds out the truth.

That I'm fumbling my way through this crazy world just as he is.

Just as we all are at times.

I left the room to check on my little one.  I kissed his sweet sleeping face half a dozen times, fixed his half a dozen blankets, settling his favourite stuffed animals around him and quietly padded out of the room returning to my other loves.

I crawled into our big bed. Adrian lay between us.  I laid my arm over my son's middle, my hand finding my husband's on the other side when Adrian made the most delicious observation, "Hey, we're a love sandwich."  And he smiled big as we laughed even bigger.

Indeed we were.

A Love Sandwich.

With our little ham in the middle.

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Ellen said...

Very sweet and heart warming.