Friday, September 14, 2012

Watch out JK - here comes Adrian!

I've recently found out - as in just yesterday - there is more than one writer in the family.  My husband being the other one and I had NO idea. He captured our eldest son, Adrian's, first day of Junior Kindergarten perfectly.  So perfectly that I'm quite sure I couldn't top it.  So perfectly in fact that it brought tears to my eyes and that's saying something...seeing as I didn't well up once as I waved good-bye to my sweet son on his first day.  It's upon reflection, I suppose, that emotions will get you in the belly of your heart and soul.  And my husband's reflection upon our first born's first day of school did just that.   This is an email he sent to the grandparents, aunts and uncles...but I just had to share with the world.

Now.  Get out a tissue.  Or three.


It was a very exciting day today, as Adrian prepared for his FIRST day of school. 

I peeked into his room the first moment I heard the rustling of his bed sheets. As January puts it, he needs a little "hatching time" before you can really start talking to him in the morning, so I only whispered "Good morning buddy. Do you know what today is?" And with a biiiiiig stretch and soft smile he whispered back "School Daddy".

After a few more minutes he made his way down to about the third of fourth step of the stairs where he often sits to survey the kitchen conversations through the ballisters of the railing. Fin and I were sitting and chatting,  he with his ...of course, Cheerios and me with my cup of coffee. "Hey Adrian, what can I get you for breakfast?" In his still raspy morning voice he replied "Waffles Daddy, I'd like waffles!" Allllright...I look for waffles...Damn, NO waffles. Now normally this could be a bit of an issue when Adrian has his mind set on something to eat and we don't have it, but not today thank God. "Ok...hmmmm, how about a bagel, toasted with cream cheese Daddy?" "No problem little buddy, come sit down." After a glass of OJ and three bites of his freshly toasted bagel, he could no longer control his enthusiasm and off he went up the stairs to put on his new school clothes...BTW, it's not even 7:30am yet.

To start off the school year, Aidy decided to go with a navy blue polo, navy blue shorts and yes, NAVY socks as well!! Cute as can be. As he dressed himself he was all smiles and showed nary a hint of hesitation toward this big day that lay ahead. Fin seemed to be the most emotional, not wanting to lose his best playing partner, (followed closely by his Daddy) and could be heard several times saying "I don't want Adrian to go to school today!". 

Mom and Dad were well prepared for Adrian's first day, armed with TWO video recorders, TWO mobile cameras and our point and shoot Lumix, all fully charged and ready to catch every moment of his morning. (*ahem* this is January here...if it were up to me I'd have brought the Lumix.  And that's it.  My husband's ' eager over preparedness' was a bit much and he caught me *lovingly* rolling my eyes at him a few times...but truth be told it was pretty darn precious.)

Time to go! So off we went, out the door and down the street walking hand in hand, in hand .... in hand, leaving poor Riley behind, tail wagging at the front door. I couldn't help feel a little reminiscent of my early days on Alexander St. as I walked about the same distance to St, Michael's Junior School for my first day with (shudder) Mrs. Plummer...

We walked all of 10 steps together before Aidy and Fin decided to break free, race ahead of us and enjoy a little game of cat and mouse together. 

Upon our arrival, it was a hornet's nest of frenzy with boys and girls of all ages arriving by foot, bus and car. Many starting their first day as well, doting parents following closely behind. It was then that I noticed I may have gone a little overboard as I witnessed most parents snapping off a few pics of their waving kiddies from their cell phones, while I looked like the Paparazzi stalking Hollywood celebs, with camera gear hanging off every limb!  (HelloJanuary again...this is all too true and more than slightly embarrassing...but still...very precious)

January spotted Aidy's teacher in the small fenced in JK play area and it was time for Adrian to go...but not before one last hug 'n a kiss for Mommy, Daddy and Fin. Adrian quickly found his buddy Jonathan (our neighbor) and after a brief mingling with his new class mates they were instructed to line up on the big spray painted snake before going inside. Aidy, of course, was first in line staring straight into his new teacher's eyes, listening to her every word. After two or three preemptive starts, Adrian was finally given the go ahead, and off he marched toward the doors of the school. I called out his name one last time and he turned only giving a half wave...and like that, he was gone. Nothing but the faint whisper of children's laughter as they disappeared into the florescent lit corridors.

I can't wait to see him when I get home to hear all about the adventures of his first day...


I know.  I warned you guys.  Tissues were necessary.  Adrian did not just like his first day of school...he told me he LOVED it and even made a new friend.  I, of-course, hung around to talk to the teacher to get some feedback and she said he did great.   He got to put lots and lots of marbles in the bucket for being a good helper and helping clean up the toys.  The school  operates on a bucket filling system which I think is super awesome.  

John and I truly couldn't be more proud of our little JK'er.

Way to go buddy!!!

Cool dude.

It wouldn't be a true Adrian photo op without the
Spidey pose.
Proud Daddy.  Oh so proud.

It looks like a painful 'Cheese' moment.

We told Fin to scoot over to his brother but he refused.
So Aidy did was he does best...scootched over and right on
into his little brother's very important, private personal space.

With his apple.  The child loves his apples.
"Mummy, teachers always have apples on their desks."
I wonder if he even noticed that his teacher doesn't have a desk?

There's Paparazzo Daddy.  Filmed the entire walk to school.
Oh yes he did.

Lining up on the snake.  Note he's first in line.
*sniff* so proud.

There he goes!  With a small wave to Mummy and Daddy through the gate.

Can someone please hand me another tissue now????

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middle child said...

I can't even remember my kid's first day of school. But I will tell you this, make copies of this e-mail and show it to your kids each time they begin a new school year. It will remind them that the used to like school.